Nathan Worker Proposal 3/16/21 – 5/26/21

Date of proposal: 03/29/21 (end of my 2-week trial)
Proposal period - 2.5 months /10 weeks/, retroactively from 16th Mar '21

On the eve of my first fortnight with the team, I am submitting my official worker proposal as a Biz Dev Wiz.

At this point I have no doubts that this is the place, to which I’d happily devote all my mental energy, time, sweat and tears, for the rest of my foreseeable future.

My impeccable impression of Martin, with whom I’ve dealt in the past, gave me the confidence to explore the opportunity to join dxDAO in the first place. As private as I am , Sky is in possession of my full career resume including my media credentials /LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram…/; GDPR (EU) 2016/679


Business Development, Partnerships & Growth

  • I will devote my time and energy to active hunting of new market opportunities, researching strategies to unravel dxDAO, and grow its product portfolio within the DeFi ecosystem, earning its much deserved recognition.
  • I will seek out lucrative deals relevant to Mesa, Swapr and Omen.
  • It brings me joy to leverage my vantage point within the DeFi space and plant the seeds of mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • I will research and present key investment opportunities for dxVentures, assisting dxDAO in its effort of growing the DeFi landscape.
  • I bring a wealth of experience in strategical advisory on discovery and development of new solutions, and I am eager to apply it in order to expand dxDAO’s business offering.

Governance & Finance

  • Explore the development of a DAO Resource Planning & Business Analytics solution to leverage internal data, in order to identify issues, improve strategy across units and achieve governance, financial & operational efficiency.

Marketing & Communications

  • Business development is as much B2B as B2C. I will gladly partake in our marketing effort to assert our presence and assist with strategic advice on growing dxDAO’s community across social media.
  • I will apply my experience and skills in order to advise on utilizing the most appropriate tools for automation, analytics and optimization.
  • I also take pride in finding creative ways to put my online presence to good use, in order to drive interest and boost engagement, naturally aiding the organic growth of our community throughout various online channels.


  • I will constantly strive to be an ever more valuable member of dxDAO, efficiently collaborating with all internal units, helping monetize capital and foster a culture of innovation for the continued growth and success of our product portfolio.
  • I will contribute to boosting optimism, keeping teams close and staying aligned with the common goal in building a better DeFi.


I have higher education in international business management and economics, and more than 15 years of specialized professional experience as a new business hunter. Throughout my career I’ve been consulting and developing companies, helping them increase their profits, build better products, grow more motivated teams, devise robust marketing & sales strategies, and break new ground. I’m addicted to it. BizDev Worker Proposal 03/16/21 - 03/30/21

Full-time: 40h+ week
Level: 1
Request is for 2.5 months, with 1.5 months /6 weeks/ on date of proposal’s approval, and the remaining 1 month /4 weeks/ due on end of proposal period.

REP: 0.175% /2698.996REP/ on approval of proposal – for the first 6 weeks; + 0.1333% /2055.864REP/ at the end of period – for its last 4 weeks.
DXD: On the day of proposal approval, $2100 /4DXD/ locked with 50% vesting after 1 year of the worker contract start date /03/16/21/, and the remaining 50% is vested through a linear schedule after the 1-year cliff, fully vested at 2 years. On end of proposal period, $1600 /3DXD/ locked with 50% vesting after 1 year of the worker contract start date /03/16/21/, and the remaining 50% is vested through a linear schedule after the 1-year cliff, fully vested at 2 years.
BASE /DAI/: request for compensation for first 6 weeks on the day of passing the proposal - $4200, with the remaining 4-week compensation due on the day the proposal period ends - $3200.


  • REP = 1542283.66
  • DXD = $523
  • DAI = $1

Just wanted to say that starting at level 5 which is the maximum experience level is not realistic in my opinion, I will recommend you to start at level 3 and increase gradually in each worker proposal.


Judge on level is not easy to do. I got two people requesting L5 in the past, one was Ryu and the other Lee. We accepted this for the 2 weeks trail because at this point we could not judge and we had a high demand.

But then, after the trial, we have told them that they can only be a L4, mostly because I consider a L5 has to do more for the DXdao than just do their work. Ryu did drop out a week later. (I don’t think that the L4->L5 downgrade has anything to do with this, but may have been a reason. Ryu did SC hacking.)

Best would be, if people explain more why they feel to have a certain level? Specific to the Experience Guidelines here DXdao.eth

I had two calls with Arhat and I can’t judge his Biz Dev skill, but he has profound knowledge about many different defi/crypto projects.

For me, the 80% discount in the first two month is the price you pay to get into the DXdao and to learn how we work. This can’t be a reason for the level.

Final word, I would consider Arhat an L4 at least, but maybe @sky can an add some word because he did study Arhats CV. Also for non-tech workers its more difficult to judge on the level.

To add, maybe am spoiled, because of the high salary level in CH. Here a good dev makes ~120K a year.


Hard to judge for a DAO of more than 400 REP holders and many more DXD holders with soon to have voting rights when the CV and social media credentials were only sent to 1 person. Give me a great CV or great proof of work if you’re gonna ask for Level 5 from Day 1. Neither is present here.

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Thank you for the advice, Augusto. I appreciate it. :handshake:

Thank you for your honesty, Pulpmachina. I am sorry I made you feel like that. I am grateful for your feedback. :pray: