Nathan, contributor proposal #4, 9/18/21 - 11/12/21 (end)

Hello, hello. :blush: The community is ever more vibrant. With so much happening and so many moving parts, this period has been busy as expected. I was happy and lucky assisting the collective effort of the community around: business development, governance, product strategy, testing, community support, marketing and communications…

Most of what’s happening is a team effort from the whole DXdao community, and ownership of success is collective. Among others, I was a part of:

  • added Swapr and Omen to ONTO, TokenPocket and MathWallet. Also liaising with imToken wallet, who will share an article about their Swapr support on Arbitrum, and also scheduled a podcast.
  • integrated Swapr in Zapper, will coordinate an announcement with them later on as they are currently swamped
  • integrated and regularly update multi-chain Swapr farms in vfat, MultiFarmFi /will be doing an AMA/, and lately APY.Vision with whom we’ll share an article and offer unique NFT rewards to Swapr LPs, waiting for them to do the graphics
  • applied for tracked listing of Swapr pools, and SWPR token on CMC, but we’d need to prepare custom APIs, and it will take time; CoinGecko were swamped and they had to prioritize according to user demand, so we couldn’t rush them in any way and it took time, but is finally all set up properly and we’re grateful for their help;
  • had a meeting with TallyCash, had them join our biz dev weekly call, and followed up to schedule an AMA for us to present Swapr to their community as a possible integration partner
  • liaised with our partners at xDai to get in touch with interesting new projects and got in touch with SquareDAO who have one of the biggest pools on Swapr
  • shared a post and commented on a related post about Swapr liquidity mining in MakerDAO and TornadoCash forums
  • shared a basic Swapr farming tutorial on our forum for community members who requested it
  • offered support during the hackathon in ETHglobal’s Discord
  • had a call with B.Protocol so we can learn about their offer for DXdao to deposit some of its LUSD into Liquity’s Stability Pool via B.Protocol and passively earn up to 20% APY along with BPRO tokens from their new liquidity mining program
  • had a call with Maven 11, a decentralized corporate debt marketplace working with Maple Finance and serving institutions like Alameda, Wintermute… , who offered DXdao to use some of the assets in its treasury and serve as a lender and earn a share of the interest /~9%/, plus a share of Maple’s native currency MPL.
  • had a call with IntoTheBlock to explore providing Swapr users with industry leading analytics - I’ve left the opportunity with squad leads to evaluate
  • liaised with Gnosis to aid the migration of Omen’s Subgraph from Gnosis to DXdao
  • liaising with BadgerDAO, Arbitrum, and Agave surroundng Swapr campaigns
  • provide feedback and ideas on Carrot
  • in the early stages of engaging with DeFi teams who would be interested in using Carrot
  • moving the process of engaging with Pocket Network to explore our possible strategic partnership further, sharing a post and having their representatives over to help the DAO learn more about their product offering and the way it benefits us
  • also moving the conversation with Siasky further; about to share a post and also scheduled to have them join us next week, so we can educate our community on the benefits of their solutions
  • occasional testing and feedback of DXdao’s products
  • offering support on social media channels
  • forwarding new member requests to our Contributor UX squad

A few community members have shared with me that my level makes them feel a certain way, as if it influences the way one is represented and perceived by others and whether one can be taken seriously or not. I wouldn’t mind personally, but I’ve thought about it and if it does have an effect professionally, I thought I should probably change that, which won’t change who I am in any way. So, using squid game as an analogy, I would like to change my mask from a triangle to a circle, not yet a square, I would become a level 4. Interestingly enough, I’ve also been approached by other DAOs, and although I see no conflict of interest, there’s just not enough time in 24h to work on anything else.

A proposal for an on chain vote will be submitted next week.

1 month, the 2nd half of the two-month period Sept 18th - Nov 12th

Full-time commitment of 40h+ weekly, as level4
1 Month DXD: 7.074, calculated at all time high on CoinGecko of $706.81, vested over 2 years with a 1-year cliff
1 Month base: 7k in xDai
1 Month REP: 2797.8 (0.1667%)

Intro & trial period
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contributor proposal #1 - end
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contributor proposal #3 - end
contributor proposal #4 - start


Great rundown! Although it only mentioned Discord once and you’ve been doing tons of work in there too.

It will be interesting to come back to that list in a month or two, maybe some opportunities can be picked up after they have some time to marinate. Definitely interested in the B. Protocol one.


Excellent work @Arhat. And echoing @Powers comment, your presence in Discord has been super valuable as well.