Nathan, contributor proposal #3, 7/23/21 - 9/17/21 (start)

Hiya! :innocent:

Commencing this new period as a community contrbitutor to the dao, besides aiding the governance and decision making process, and participating in daily meetings and conversations, I will be devoting most of my time to:
-Exploring mutually beneficial partnerships and new opportunities relevant to the dao’s stakeholder community, Swapr, Omen, Aqua, and DXventures.
-Keep supporting our DXvoice Marketing & Communications effort, in order to drive interest and boost engagement across social media.
-Strive to be an ever more valuable member of the DXdao community, efficiently collaborating with all internal units for the continued growth and success of our product suite, aligned with the common goal of building a more fair and useful DeFi ecosystem.
-If time allows and opportunity arises, help attract new contributors to meet the organization’s demand when needed.

I will be submitting the on-chain proposal on Alchemy next week, and I’ll post a link to it as a comment to this post.
After this proposal I will submit a proposal to claim Eth Mainnet REP, as I haven’t yet, and currenly the only REP I have is on xDai chain.

1 month - the 1st half of the 2-month period: 23rd July - 17th September, 2021

Full-time commitment of 40h+ weekly, as level3
1 Month DXD: 7.64, vested over 2 years with a 1-year cliff
1 Month REP: 0.1667%
1 Month base: $6k in xDai

Intro - at trial;
1st worker proposal - start of period;
1st worker proposal - end of period;
2nd worker proposal - start of period
2nd worker proposal - end of period


Nathan seems to always be around to share insights and support on Keybase, plus all the social media channels. He really goes the extra mile, even beyond a standard 8 hour workday. Kudos @Arhat!


Alchemy onchain proposal.