Nathan, contributor proposal #3, 7/23/21 - 9/17/21 (end)

Time flies. As much as I could, this past period I was assisting the collective effort of the community around: governance, product strategy, testing, community support, marketing and communications, business development, ventures, Swapr, DXvote, Aqua, Omen…

Among other things, I helped:

  • initiate a chat with siasky to explore their product offering and the ways it could benefit dxdao
  • set up a meeting with Nico to plan the developement of a more generic relayer, which could allow us to use aqua for dxd buybacks on eth mainnet, also possibly buying steth
  • organize a call with bankless dao to learn more abut their onboarding program, and in the process of exploring organizing a joint ama
  • rekindle the conversation around the custody of the opolis work tokens
  • plan the next steps in the partnership with chainlink regarding carrot
  • book a meeting with reflexer labs to explore rai for our treasury diversification strategy
  • liaise with pillar wallet on integrating omen and swapr, yet to set up an ama
  • set up a meeting with representatives from pocket network team to find out more about the ways we can help each other; yet to proceed with a proposal for partnership, hoping to get them to support arbitrum; will be sharing a post
  • dxdao learn more about agora space, and we’re yet to pursue a collab or a grant/investment opportunity
  • dxdao also learn more about indexed finance, and yet to follow up with a post from their team to help us evaluate the opportunity better and plan next steps
  • keep community engagement and offer support on social media
  • send tweets around several Omen markets
  • test dxvote, swapr and provide feedback

1 month - the 2nd half of the 2-month period: 23rd July - 17th September, 2021

Full-time commitment of 40h+ weekly, as level3
1 Month DXD: 5.79, calculated at all time high of $691.14, vested over 2 years with a 1-year cliff
1 Month REP: 0.1667%
1 Month base: $6k in xDai

Intro - at trial
1st contributor proposal - start of period
1st contributor proposal - end of period
2nd contributor proposal - start of period
2nd contributor proposal - end of period
3rd contributor proposal - start of period