Nathan, contributor proposal 3/5/22-4/30/22

gm :sunny:

Contributing to DXdao and collaborating with the community is an honor for me, it is both challenging and fruitful. I find everyone else’s dedication and contributions motivating, pushing each other to be better.

I would love to keep contributing to the business development, operations, governance, marketing, with the aim to help the community build and manage ever better products and bring more value to the organization and all stakeholders.

Among many other misc duties, I’ll strive to:

  • mediate between internal and external teams to aid the process of bringing ideas to fruition, trying to make the best of our efforts
  • retain and grow partnerships, as well as seek and build new ones, not letting opportunities go unexplored
  • both share and gather feedback and ideas, seeking out and helping materialize opportunities for Swapr, Carrot, Governance Guilds, Omen…
  • aid the marketing & communications effort
  • staying active to promote DXdao’s mission on social media, helping the community and keeping it informed
  • seeking opportunities for co-marketing collaboration with organizations and media outlets
  • supporting the Swapr team
  • seeking and reviewing investment and partner opportunities for DXventures and DXdao

The first half of the period.

Full-time commitment at level six.
Based on DXvote estimate:
REP 0.1667%
DXD 11.17 vested over 3 years, with a one-year cliff
xDai 8k

previous period


gm :sunny:
Some of the things I /likely with the help of other members from the community/ managed to do this period, that are worth mentioning:

  • added Swapr dApp and listed SWPR and DXD in Nabox wallet
  • got DXdao added to
  • helped CoinGecko with info to list Swapr pools in GeckoTerminal
  • arranged a call for DXdao/Swapr to learn more about LayerZero & Stargate
  • assisted Wayne while he was onboarding
  • submitted a forum post for a Swapr improvement proposal with SWPR single-token staking
  • added DXdao to
  • helped Federico test and debug Jolt by running a node
  • actively pariticipated in the discussion brainstorming Jolt tokenomics and secuity, and assisted in conveying the need for dev and design help
  • used InitiativeDAO to create video explainers for Swapr, Guilds and DXvote
  • applied to list SWPR and DXD on Coinbase
  • leverraged DeWork to incentivize devs to innovate with Carrot by running bounties outside of sponsoring hackathons
  • got our DXgov dev Ross to represent DXdao on a DAOs & Governance panel at the We Are Millions summit organized by the Fair Data Society and Ethereum Swarm
  • helped DXdao sponsor and attend the Codeless Conduct hackathon and assisted participants
  • travelled to Amsterdam for EthAmsterdam to attend as many of the adjacent events as possible, spreading the word about DXdao and our products, creating many new friends to possibly form business partnerships with and leverage in the future for the mutual benefit of our communities
  • tried to popularize Carrot during the visit to Amsterdam through the special DXdao social awareness campaign
  • assisted DXvoice squad in my regular capaciy as well as when Keenan was on holiday
  • regular presence in the forum and on social media - Twitter, Discord, Telegram…
  • helped around the CoW Protocol’s COW liquidity mining campaigns, posts in their forum; attending CowDAO’s governance Discord call representing DXdao and Swapr; group calls and chats with community members…
  • helped arrange for COW token farmers earning carrots in Swapr to opt in for messages from the Ethereum Push Notification Service alerting them when it’s time to redeem their carrot tokens for the underlying collateral
  • kept offering support to HOPRnet through their Swapr liquidity mining and Carrot campaigns
  • met with Robin from DoDAO and also had him present the DAO onboarding solution he is developing, which could be of help to DXdao, on our weekly bizdev call
  • have been helping set an agenda and host the weekly strategy calls, and also regularly helping with the weekly bizdev call agenda
  • misc failed attempts or such to bear fruit in the future

The 2nd half of the 2-month period Mar 5th - Apr 30th, '22

Full-time commitment at level six, corresponding to: “Contributors have been around the block and are interested in furthering their career with DXdao. Contributors can collaborate easily with other contributors and manage their own scope of work.”
$4210 reimbursement for attending EthAmsterdam for 10 days, incl. flights /+last-minute return booking after airport cancellation/, hotel +local tax paid in cash on site, covid quick testing, a DeFi Day ticket, and daily funds
$6k in DXD vested over 3 years with a one-year cliff /cannot estimate how many tokens while writing this as DXvote calculator is on the fritz/
xDai: $8k
REP: 0.1667%


One of my best highlights from ETHAmsterdam was finally meeting Nathan! :100: recommend working with Nathan!


Glad to have met you in Amsterdam to actually see the energy you carry with you. :fire:


This is an understatement. He did more than that. He has was a vital part of it. He answered my many questions and explained to me in a manner that immediately gave me a working understanding of the topic. Finally meeting him in Amsterdam was fantastic. His knowledge seems endless and his energy is electric and contagious.


During one of the sessions in ETHAmsterdam, I was blown away by how clear and articulate Nathan spoke about the decentralization efforts we do at DXdao. He really understood the values at a deep level.

NOTE: I got blown away again when I saw that you were gonna work from Mar 5th - Apr 39th, '22 ;).


Thanks for the kind words, K. :pray: It was great hearing your story in person. It is an honor to have you in our midst.

What can I say, no rest for the wicked. :crazy_face:
Good catch, we should call you Eagle-eye. :dart: :eagle:

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