Nathan, contributor proposal #2, 5/27/21 - 7/22/21 (start)

Hiya! :wave: Nate here. :innocent:

My 1st period as a contributor collaborating with the DXdao community has passed.
I’d be honored to continue doing so, and keep growing our relationship to the benefit of our stakeholders and product users.

Writing personal proposals, and doing so on time, hasn’t been on top of everyone’s list, but it’s good for data hygiene, and I’d like to thank the contributor experience squad for doing a great job nudging us when needed.

-Without beating around the bush, ‘tl;dr’ first.
For the next 2-month period, I will be /the least/:

  • secretly taking note of everyone’s ideas and not let any opportunity go unexplored
  • smoothly mediating between internal and external teams to aid the process of bringing those ideas to fruition, which make the best of our effort across multiple chains
  • unabashedly sharing my own ideas, and most importantly listen to your feedback
  • a permanent fixture of the DXbiz huddle, brainstorming and seeking out hip opportunities for Swapr and Omen.
  • aiding the Marketing & Communications squad effort
  • staying active to promote our brand assets through quirky but non-salesy organic engagement on social media
  • reaching out to reputable podcasters and popular media influencers
  • supporting the Mesa team and attending daily calls
  • seeking investment and partner opportunities for DXventures
  • attracting new devs and other contributors to our organization, whenever the opportunity presents itself, without dedicating exclusive time

-And, if you have some extra time time:
As we can all acknowledge everyone is spread thin and some of us wear many hats, what I’ve noticed is that we do come up with great ideas, but at times we lack the bandwidth to follow up on all of those in a timely manner.
I am both persistent and a bit impatient /in a good way/, which helps me retain focus and do my best to make sure we see as many ideas come to fruition as possible.
With the help of the DXbiz huddle and with the feedback we receive from the rest of the teams, I also try to stay on top of priorities and not waste energy. It’s a fine balance between what we want and what we are actually capable of pulling though at any given point of time.

Our focus remains on:

  • retaining and growing partnerships
  • seeking and building new partnerships

The aim is to better showcase our products and improve our proposition to our clients, in order to ultimately reflect positively on the value of our organization for the sake of our stakeholders.
There are many moving parts within each organization we are collaborating with, so timelines tend to blur. Thus, some projects get fasttracked, others get postponed. This requires planning, revising, multi-tasking, dealing with uncertainty, and lots of back & forth until anything sees the light of day.
Each of us plays a key role in reaching final consensus in decision-making, and moving forward efficiently and effectively. With time we’ll undoubtedly get even better at it, but thus far, I am very pleased with the way we communicate. Each of us is welcoming the opinion of others in a healthy and productive way, which makes it easier moving forward. I believe I help add to this, and not otherwise.

As much as we try to reach our goals through internal effort, we also acknowledge the need to make it easier for the members of the wider community to reach out to us with innovative ideas for collaboration. Sky suggested we needed a clear structure guiding people through the process of engaging with our community. It was a pleasure for me to write it up. It is currently on our forum, and with the help of Keenan we will soon have it featured within the documentation book. This should help with incoming interest, on top of our outbound reach to interested projects and communities.

Having to deal with a diverse group of people from all teams gives us the DXbiz members a unique vantage point, which I believe does not go unnoticed, and could even be appreciated as a common good ;P. To some extent we have a chance to serve as the glue between teams and help each team feel closer to others and up to date with all that is happening on a big picture level, aside from the daily calls. Again, I tend believe I do add to this, and not otherwise.

I will be posting my proposal on Alchemy at the end of the week.


  • 2 months, 27th May - 22nd July, 2021


  • Level 1
  • Commitment: 100% full-time, 40h+/week
  • Monthly DXD: $2000-worth at all time high, vested over 2 years with a 1-year cliff, starting 3/16/21
  • Monthly REP: 0.1667%
  • Monthly base: $4k in xDai

Half is to be paid on passing the Alchemy request matched to this proposal, with the remainer due after passing a subsequent Alchemy request to be matched with a follow-up end-of-period reflection post.




Alchemy proposal link: Alchemy | DAOstack

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Nathan has shown his genuine enthusiasm for DXdao through measurable actions. He’s been a crucial part of Mesa’s partnerships. He’s also helped to connect the Mesa team with dev shops in Eastern Europe. These are examples of what I recall :slight_smile:

Nation mentioned a token of appreciation at DXdao, I suggest that the first awardee is Nation, himself. His proposal level underestimates the value he adds to DXdao.


Thanks for the flattering words, Adam. :innocent:
Your absence is palpable. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.
Last week I had the pleasure to attend a meeting of the Contributor UX Squad, and there are some really exciting developments that I am sure everyone in the community should be happy about. :four_leaf_clover:


@Arhat had a bit of a rocky start when he found DXdao. See Nathan Worker Proposal 3/16/21 – 5/26/21 but he remained determined, and in a very short time has come a long way in his understanding of DXdao.

I remember the first call Nathan appeared on was the weekly dev call that I was MC’ing and I had to cut him off because he started talking about something (which I can’t remember) that didn’t really have anything to do with the dev call. I remember thinking to myself “who is this guy?” But now Nathan has a much better sense of context and positively contributes to DXdao discussions.

I am also impressed with Nathan’s presence in DXdao’s social channels. He is an ever present positive force and I really appreciate that.

He is also relentless in his business development efforts. I suppose there is always room for refinement, but I would say he is quite brave in who reaches out to, even speaking with Brave’s CTO :slight_smile:

I believe the Level 1 request might be a reaction to the initial feedback to the level 5 request. While this reflects humility and determination, I think it’s maybe a bridge too far, and personally would recommend a higher level. Maybe level 3 at this point would be a good spot?


:pray: It is undoubtedly nice to receive validation of one’s actions. The best thing about it is that it has come from several people, few publicly, others privately. That’s quite encouraging. It goes to show that the wisdom of the crowd works, which also validates the big picture and it’s awesome.


Nathan has been a great addition to the mesa Aqua team and his commitment to the DAO is an example to us all.