Nathan, contributor proposal #2, 5/27/21 - 7/22/21 (end)

Hello, hello! :wave:

This second period as a community contributor collaborating with the dao has passed. :clock3:

My focus has been exploring & building new partnerships, as well as retaining & growing existing ones. That is - direct to consumer, business to business, and dao to dao - showcasing our dapps, improving our offering to clients, innovating, and ultimately growing the organization to the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • In it’s majority, I actively participated in DXbiz Huddle & DXvoice, overall governance, decision making and ideation on calls in Keybase and Alchemy, as well as aiding DXventures & Aqua squads as far as I was able to.

  • Probably forgetting some, but I managed to:

-Remain an unrelenting presence on different social media channels helping Swapr, Omen and DXdao grow its audience.

-Assist in initial coordination around EthCC and the DAOist.

-Help bring Swapr’s 1inch integration to fruition, and still working on DeFi Pulse, LiquidityFolio, and ZapperFi.

-Offer support to the ongoing effort with Chainlink regarding oracles for Carrot’s KPI tokens offering.

-Foster ongoing relationships exploring the usefulness to the dao of Siasky, IdleFinance, and LidoFi.

-Initiated a collab between ArcherDAO /now EdenNetwork/ and Swapr for front-running protection.

-Form informal partnerships with investment firms incubating teams and growing DeFi, in order to grow a pipeline for DXventures, Aqua.

-Explore a collaboration with BanklessDAO for DXvoice, and LlamaCommunity for treasury management.

-Search for devs, sending some resumes over to squad leads.

-Assist Augusto with a few suggestions for DXvote on GitHub.

-Take initial steps in introducing the consideration of using bounties in our work process.

I will be submitting the on-chain proposal on Alchemy next week, and I’ll post a link to it as a comment to this post.

1 month - the 2nd half of the 2-month period: 27th May - 22nd July, 2021

Acknowledging positive feedback from other community members, I would like to move from level 1 to level 3.
Commitment: full-time, 40h+ weekly
1 Month DXD: 7.64, vested over 2 years with a 1-year cliff
1 Month REP: 0.1667%
1 Month base: $6k in xDai

Intro - at trial;
1st worker proposal - start of period;
1st worker proposal - end of period;
2nd worker proposal - start of period


Alchemy onchain proposal.