Nathan, contributor proposal 01/08/22-3/4/22

As just one member of a global community comprising the DAO, I strive to assist and contribute with activities, through which I could be most useful, some of which: b2b networking, product, governance/decision making, contributor coordination, community support…

  • evaluate opportunities, not let any go unexplored
  • keep on top of the many moving parts and ongoing activities, in order to bring as many as possible through the finish line
  • mediate between teams to aid the process of collaboration
  • brainstorm, seek and share opportunities, take feedback
  • stay active and present our brand assets on social media
  • provide community support
  • actively support the DXbiz, DXvoice, Swapr teams and attend calls
  • support Carrot and DXgov collaborators in any way possible
  • seek investment and partner opportunities for DXventures

A proposal for an on-chain vote will be submitted later in the week.

The 1st half of the 2-month period Jan 8th - Mar 4th '22

Full-time commitment of 40h+ weekly.
With the contributor guidelines overhaul, translating level 4of5 to 6of8, corresponding to: “Contributors have been around the block and are interested in furthering their career with DXdao. Contributors can collaborate easily with other contributors and manage their own scope of work.”
One-month DXD: 8.52, vested over 3 years with a 1-year cliff
One-month base: 8k in xDai
One-month REP: 2888.73 (0.1667%)

contributor proposal #1


gm. We should require all proposals to start with gm!

I love this energy and look forward to collaborating with you.