Naming decentralized blog generator

Hello Everyone!

In this talk, we want to find out what is the best name and logo suggestion for the dBlog system.
What it is? A tool which allows to create decentralized websites by choosing a simple design template and completing the process effortlessly in a few easy steps.

Feel free to comment/suggest your ideas for name and logo :slight_smile:

  1. Name: BlogLion. Logo: Lion holding a pen and paper
  2. Name: BlogFountain/PenFountain. Logo: Pen fountain

For historical reference, we also had:

  • dlog (possibly hard to pronounce and too close to UD Dblog)
  • Alpress (Almonit + Wordpress)

When choosing a name for the blog generator it would be best if people realize in an instance this is a blog publication platform otherwise the project might not get the right traction it needs for a quicker addoption. People are still not aware of what is a blockchain not to mention what is dWeb or any of the decentralized tech. I talked to few random friends over the last 2 weeks and explained them what we do. They are all clever people some publish articles do PR or work in marketing roles but are not necessarily interested in this field. So, for the people to grasp the idea of what the blogging system is, what does it do or, how it differes from other blog genereators etc. is not crucial if they are not interested. One way, to get the right people interested is to choose the name that already tells them what it is. There is also huge knowledge gap between the users/creators and the people who are in the space. We are still a minority and to bring users to the table to get them interested, we need to have an easy to remember, catchy name that is linking the blog generator to Almonit project itself if possible.

You have too many requirements from a name. You’d like for it to express that the project is:

  • a blog system
  • decentralized
  • self-governance (using a DAO)
  • connected to Almonit project

Those are normally not requirements from a name; these are requirements from a tag line of a project.

It’s not a necessity for a name to describe what a project is. Ethereum doesn’t describe anything related to blockchain or money. The same goes for Oculus Rift, Instagram, etc.

Some projects do have a descriptive name (Whatsapp, WordPress), but it’s not a condition for success.

I guess the friends you mentioned are not our first target audience. Do they have Ethereum? Have a wallet? Install extensions for the Dweb? I guess not. Are they the demographic that will be among our first 10,000 or million users? I think not.

Our name should be such that it would bring the first 1 million users to the system. From there, things progress on their own, and the brand is strong enough for the name to not matter that much.

In my eyes, we should focus in imagining who are those first million users.