MS Gas Refunds Q4 2021

The latest MS refund numbers are here. Below you can see the gas costs incurred by signers of the Dev Multisig, the Omni-Chain Multisig and the DXvoice Multisig from Block No #13330090 to #13916165.

The numbers below also include tx costs involved in relaying funds from the MS relayers.

Total ETH: 1.1660523283721356

Address ETH Amount
0x91628ddc3A6ff9B48A2f34fC315D243eB07a9501 0.385903
0xC4a69FBf4511A1377161834Cb7a3B8766953dB02 0.0206372
0x734C242BA2d6A47644093F874FA4dad15005CF19 0.24964
0x08EEc580AD41e9994599BaD7d2a74A9874A2852c 0.0194796
0x462384d457aCE0E5702f8B2a6734F599E0E96809 0.0555205
0x87C308B70AD9eacbef0Cb43514a104684eDB8A5D 0.246554
0xE1D2210A967eE144aAD31EcD08565E894B88FFaf 0.0311192
0xB5806a701c2ae0366e15BDe9bE140E82190fa3d6 0
0xa5A29f81EEE450eC189b2F8B4562af1785595D69 0
0xe6dc752F04414251d7b3474A7F9FF99e23647eFB 0.0118974
0x8e900cf9bd655e34bb610f0ef365d8d476fd7337 0.145302

The Dev Multisig holds some ETH to refund signers. A few days after this forum post being online, I’ll go ahead and initiate the refunds in the MS as transactions for each signer.


Transactions have been setup for those who spent over 0.1 ETH here: Gnosis Safe

If you spent less, and still want your refund - feel free to let me know. Although the transaction cost for claiming the refund will likely be higher than the refund itself.

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