Moving on from Discourse (DAOtalk) forum instance

Hello DXers

The purpose of this thread is to discuss the possible solutions and verticals DXdao is exploring for asynchronous communication

For the past couple of months I’ve been in search for an alternative to asynchronous discussions that today are facilitated on this Discourse DAOtalk forum (Centralized, managed and owned by DAOstack). In June 2021 DAOtalk experianced several outages which has accelerated the process (also created a backup process that I’m running on a monthly basis).

The ideal solution for DXdao is an integrated forum discussion with the voting platform, run in a decentralized way, on IPFS / Arweave, and all existing within DXvote.

Given something like that will take some time, we are wondering about an interim solution, if it is needed, and how to go about testing it.

The commonwealth team presented to DXdao in June 2021, and the solution they are offering is for community solutions around a token. (Click the youtube below to view the recording)

We have migrated the DXdao forums into commonwealth which you can find below. It is a bit outdated but gives a nice snapshot of what such a forum would look like.

The question is – should DXdao migrate its discourse forums onto


This seems like a great short term solution as an alternative to discourse.
I’m not hugely aware of how commonwealth works beyond taking a listen to the previous call linked above so feel free to correct me.
It seems commonwealth is aiming to be mostly a governance platform that wouldn’t really work well with what we are doing.
So as long as they don’t have an issue with us essentially just using their platform as a forum I don’t see any issues. (aside from the current not fully decentralised forum as far as I can tell, but seems like a step in the right direction away from discourse)

The long term goal we have been discussing with DXvote is building a forum right into it, so it would be possible for people to create drafts or forum threads which could then turn into proposals.
However in the spirit of DXvote, we would want a decentralised solution we can rely on and are happy with so it will likely take some time (Likely planned for after gov 2.0).


Hey @ross I’m a member of the Commonwealth team and think that we are definitely a long-term solution for you all.

  1. We pride ourselves as being a white-glove platform that builds the governance process our partners are looking for. So if you tell us what you want, we end up being an external governance development team for the DAO.

  2. While we are not decentralized yet, we will be within the next few months and aim for the community to fully govern the platform in the long-run.

  3. Our base protocol will evolve into an app chain allowing communities to drop in the specific apps they are looking to use. In other words, you don’t need to develop any integrations or functionality, plus you keep all of your tooling in one location.

3.1 We are already integrated with discourse and have functionality for most governance contracts and major wallets across the blockchain ecosystem.

  1. Think about all of the communities all of your members are a part of (or even just yourself). If crypto is to become a world where each community has its own governance/community forum, each person needs to sign-up for and participate in probably 5-30 forums. As one of the biggest problems in governance right now is low engagement, we believe the commonwealth platform best solves for this by reducing the friction in governance participation.

4.1 We are onboarding about 2-5 projects per week. We believe in the long run you will benefit from these network effects and your members will enjoy not needing to leave for a different site.

I’d love the opportunity to do a product demo for the larger community and answer any and all questions. Please reach out if we can present in a community call: george [at] commonwealth [dot] im