Moving funds to the Quick Wallet Scheme (QWS) on xDai

This proposal sends a set of funds to the Quick Wallet Scheme (QWS) on xDai, identified as: 0x983e0c64088E48b6AB7C76a8ABa3eE93d1C10aD5 and has the following parameters:

Queued Proposal Period: 7 days
Boosted Proposal Period: 2 days (live proposal to change this to 3)
PreBoosted Proposal Period: 1 day
Quiet Ending Period: 1 day
Max time for execution: a month
Max REP % to change in proposal: 1 %
Required Percentage for boosted approval: 0 %
Rep Proposing Reward: 0.00 REP
Reputation Loss Ratio: 2 %
Minimum Dao Boost: 0.05 DXD
Proposal Boost Bounty Const: 100
Boost Threshold Constant: 1.319413953331
Boost Limit Exponent Value: 172

The QWS allows DXdao to pass proposals quicker, while reducing risks of malicious proposals by limiting what the QWS can do and which funds it has access to. The QWS can only disburse funds that it holds, as it has no access to treasury funds.


This proposal sends the following funds to the QWS on xDai:

25k wxDai
25 DXD


The QWS is a new scheme which has already been tested with small amounts of funds, this initial move of funds towards the QWS is to further test the scheme and get the first contributor worker proposals paid out through the QWS. The QWS can only spend funds in the scheme itself, as it has no access to treasury funds. Therefore, the only funds eventually at risk are the funds within the QWS itself.

Moreover, the QWS has very limited permissions, it is not allowed to make generic multicalls and can’t upgrade the controller or install new schemes.


Based on the successful execution of worker proposals through the QWS, I propose sending a further:

100k wxDai
100 DXD

to the QWS.

Same proposal template as above.