Mix.eth [seeking feedback on proposal]

dOrg would like to solicit feedback and suggestions from the community on the following proposal. Please leave comments below.

Mix.finance/Mix.eth - A portfolio tracker with privacy and security as its core.

The goal of Mix is to deliver a portfolio manager for the Ethereum ecosystem with privacy, security and a good user experience as a core feature. With the emergence of DeFi, decentralised autonomous organisation frameworks (Aragon, Daostack) and privacy enabling technologies (zk-SNARKs) we can finally deliver a next level wallet interface/portfolio manager.

Core features:

Portfolio with available assets and defi/mix services in one list

Mixing assets with Tornado.cash

Earning Interest

All integrated DeFi/Mixer services will share a common design language


Track portfolio without a web3 enabled browser

Mix.eth will provide a read-only mode for users without a web3 enabled wallet.

The Role of Dxdao


One of Dxdao´s core missions is to push decentralisation forward and be a prime example of how things can and should be done in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem. Mix.eth will be one of the first application which will be developed, managed, owned and hosted in a decentralised way. With Mix.eth, we want to create a Backup access solution for all DeFi/Mixing services.

Ownership of Mix.eth

The Dxdao will control the ENS domain mix.eth, which will be the only access point to the dapp. We believe this will increase the security of Mix as every update of the frontend will need to go through a proposal/vote.

Decentralised Hosting

The website will be hosted via IPFS in connection with the mix.eth ENS domain. Every time a team is proposing a new version the Dxdao needs to make sure that the new version has been audited.

Grants Page

Mix will have its own grants page which will be managed by the Dxdao. Grants will be used to reward external contributors primarily with Dxdao reputation to foster our own developer community and improve the reputation distribution substantially.

Relayer network management

Relayers are required to enable a more private mixing of assets via Tornado.cash. Relayers can requested to be listed via a proposal to the Dxdao. Additionally the Dxdao can incentivise users to hold DXD Tokens by providing a discount in relayer fees.


  • Mix and withdraw assets from Tornado.cash

    • Mix a variety of assets, initially including Dai, Ether, USDC, cDai, cUSDC, USDT
    • Interface for deposit and backup of tornado.cash notes.
    • Interface for withdrawing anonymized asset via tornado.cash notes.
  • Dxdao relayer network

    • Relayers are used to send withdraw transactions on behalf of users. This increases the degree of privacy as there is no connection between the users’ wallet which was used for the deposit and the new wallet which is going to receive the mixed asset.
    • Onboard at least 3 relayers and reward them Reputation each.
    • Detecting if user has a specific amount of DXD to provide free mixing service.(they only pay for transaction fee)

Estimated Delivery

1 Month and two weeks (Staring from the 6th April 2020 until the 20th Mai 2020)


Level K

5% Reputation

$7500 in Ether as DAO debt


3% Reputation

$2000 in GEN tokens

$7500 in Ether as DAO debt


$15000 (2x $7500) in Ether as DAO debt for the branding and design specification

Note: If external grant funding can be secured (for example, through the active Gitcoin grant for Mix.eth), dOrg and Level K will offset the DAO debt listed above (so as to not harm the Dxdao Fundraiser).

Owner of Mix.eth

Reimbursement of 3.36941761182428301 Ether for purchasing Mix.eth


Hey all. As mentioned in some of the other channels and on the call where Geronimo walked through it, I think Mix is looking amazing, and set to be a game changer, especially on the privacy preservation side vs other trackers.

Just wanted to post something here that we briefly spoke about on that call, but also relates to the recent post about revenue streams, namely adding membership rights to DXD token.

Firstly, it involves integrating Loopring’s zkRollup DEX protocol, specifically the actual DEX product, https://loopring.io, into Mix.eth, so Mix users can view their assets which are deposited in the DEX contract. It can also have the deposit/withdraw function, allowing users to enter/exit the zkRollup.

By doing so, perhaps Loopring can allow DXD holders, to enjoy a preferable tier of fee discounts. Fee schedule is seen here, trading fees for takers currently between 0.06%-0.1%. We did something called an “Honor VIP” for the first 1,500 entrants into the exchange, so something similar could maybe be done for DXD holders.

Besides adding utility to DXD, it fits with the Mix theme of A) supporting DeFi services, and B) comfort with SNARK-based protocols (although in this case for scaling Eth, not privacy).

I am unsure if/what rights can be bestowed on DXD within Loopring.io (as you see current tiers are volume & LRC based), but I believe Mix.eth will add value, so am hoping rewarding the dxDAO is viable. Especially if Mix can become a decently used portal to actually enter/exit the rollup. For now, just a thought.

Viewing a user’s assets + supporting deposits/withdrawals should be trivial. For context, this is what the Loopring DEX contract is: https://etherscan.io/address/loopringio.eth. Currently $1m of assets in there. Can see more stats at https://duneanalytics.com/loopring

Thanks. Please let me know if any questions.


On the " Mixing assets with Tornado.cash" page,
Would it be possible to add an IP identifier so people will be more aware of that aspect of keeping their funds private?
This is available on tornado.cash and I think it’s really useful


Thanks for the feedback. Will be included!

Logo seems similar to nearprotocol.com and mix.eth.link not works for me

On Decentralized Hosting it can also be deployed in swarm .Is the decentralized hosting solution supported by the ETH Foundation, it also makes no harm it having it deployed in two different decentralized hosting network.