Milton - Contributor Proposal [30/05/2022 - 24/07/2022]

Milton Contributor Proposal [30/05/2022 - 24/07/2022]


As I shared in my last period review it was the first 2-month period with a full-time commitment and I am very happy about that. I was able to complete more tasks I also feel I have gained more independence and I can bring more value to the team/project through my contributions.
This proposal does not vary much from the previous ones. The focus will remain on continuing Guilds development and supporting dxVote. Depending on what the QA team’s idea is, I’d like to add some more integration tests for features we already have and it would be nice to verify that they don’t break. Also, the audit report for guilds contracts should be ready so at some of this timeframe so my guess is that it will be a priority.


  • Collaborate with the dxGov team on the dxVote/guilds dapp by working on any issue(s) and/or feature(s) that the team leader sees fit for me.
  • Continue learning more about web3 and solidity development in general
  • Continue contributing to the dxdao-contracts repo by working on the issues of the new audit report.
  • Now that synpress implementation is done, I would like to join efforts with QA team to create a plan for integration tests.


Collaborate with the dxgov team to build Guilds MPV and support dxvote


2 months. From May 30, 2022, to Jul 24, 2022.


Experience Level:

Level 4

Time commitment:

Full-time ( 40hs/week )


  • $12000 DAI
  • $8000 DXD vested for 3 years.
  • 0.3334% REP

To be paid 50% at the half of the period and 50% at the end of this period

Work Experience:

Daotalk - Worker proposal [04/04/2022 - 29/05/2022]
Daotalk - Worker proposal [07/02/2022 - 03/04/2022]
Daotalk - Worker proposal [13/12/2021 - 06/02/2022]
Daotalk - Worker proposal [29/11/2021 - 10/12/2021]
See contributions on Github


Milton has been doing great work especially on the refactoring effort, improving how we build as a development team as well as being the main driver behind having e2e test support which we will begin working with QA to expand.

With more opportunities to work on guild SC audit improvements, I’m sure there will be lots to learn. I look forward to having your insights as we move DXdao functionality over to project DAVI.


Period review

At the beginning of this period, we created a new project (fork of dxvote) to gradually leave dxvote code behind and prioritize guilds codebase. Due to this, for several weeks the focus was refactoring the code to align it with the new "standards” ( file/folder structure, unit testing, storybook, etc). I feel like our discussions and working sessions finally materialized into good results in our code.
I think my productivity was very good, focused on DAVI project for a large amount of time, but also contributed to the dxdao contracts repo (mainly guild contracts) for the audit report issues.

Went well:

  • The discussions about the refactor were very good. I think I was able to contribute to them. Now, after having finished a large part of the refactoring work, I see that these discussions/meetings were vital to be able to raise the level of our codebase, making it more readable, debuggable and standardized. Also (and it’s not a minor thing) were very good to unite the team in technical criteria. I think we still need to improve our codebase but this was a great step.
  • I made some contributions to dxdao-contracts (guilds contracts). Personally, that was great since allowed me to be in touch with our core logic and the benefit of that was instant. I worked a lot on BaseErc20Guild contract so after that I have been able, for example, to make some fixes on proposal creation flow (voting mechanism, action calls, etc) on guilds completely sure of what is happening behind. Over time, that knowledge will naturally give me more confidence to solve bigger problems and make better decisions. I hope I can continue with it.
  • This is not something that specifically I have done well, but as a group we were able to meet in person to work with @AugustoL and @dinocres (dxgov team). I think that it is very important to be able to maintain this practice with some regularity, since having good relationships helps a lot with work dynamics, especially when things are not going well.

I can improve on:

  • In my previous period I was very excited about having integration tests setup and with the addition of the QA team I thought they would continue on that task. Maybe it was not in their priorities/plan since they are doing manual testing for now. While there isn’t much I can do other than be available for when they want to get started with integration test, I think I could have done a better job by joining their weekly meetings to help speed up their process.
  • As a personal note I would add that I am still looking for the balance between the life of the dao and my work. I feel that if I pay a lot of attention to the chats/communications (in addition to my daily and meetings with the dxgov team that I attend religiously) and surely it impacts my productivity. I think this period in particular was quite productive and one of the reasons is that I didn’t pay much attention to the chats. This leaves me out of many movements that are taking place, so I will continue working on that balance to be able to participate more in the dao, not because it is something I feel I must/should dom, but because it is something I want to.

Period contributions: