Milton Contributor Proposal [07/02/2022 - 03/04/2022]


I started collaborating with the dxgov team last December 2021, this proposal will include the next 2 months of work.

After completing the 2.5 month trial period ( and reviewing it with dxgov lead, my intention is to continue collaborating with dxdao and transition into a full-time commitment.

As I continue working on another full-time project the time set for this proposal will include:

  • ETHDenver time
  • Some working hrs at the beginning of the period.
  • Time off after Denver
  • The transition period from my current job (not many working hours)
  • A full-time commitment to DxDao starting March 21. Will focus on continuing to collaborate with the dxgov team, contributing to the guilds MVP, and supporting dxvote.

The reason I am just now submitting my proposal is due to the fact that only now I have a clear date of when I will be able to commit to a full-time contribution. Before that, this period was mainly time off (denver+transition) and some small contributions.

The commitment time for this proposal will be based on hours that I will update at the end of the period along with the payment details and proper daily worksheet.

Last period review:

For the last two months of the trial period, the main objective continued to be technical onboarding in general, being the main responsibility to contribute to the dxgov team. Everything went pretty well, I think the not-so-good part is related to being part-time and not being able to spend more time on dxdao stuff.

Went well:

I consider the amount/nature of tickets/issues I worked on was reasonable in terms of contributing to dxgov team and the learning process for me. I mainly worked on Guilds, I have now more understanding of what we are building, how we are doing it, and the end goal. Contract interaction tasks were a great opportunity to further get familiarized with dxdao contracts. These past months were notable in terms of teamwork, not only to get to know each other but to get used to working together (at least for me), where team communication has been efficient when needed. I feel much more comfortable with the operation of the dao in general, being something completely unknown to me in the previous months. At the end of this period, ethdenver happened, which was an amazing opportunity to meet almost everyone, this event was a relevant factor when making my decision to continue contributing here.

Could be better:

Being part-time is quite limiting in all possible aspects: technical learning, getting involved with the DAO, participating in meetings, being available in the chat, being able to do something more than simply what the issue indicates, etc. Communication was decent but I could not be on a day-to-day basis. That will be something to improve in the next period. It would also be helpful to spend some time doing contract development since at some point could result in a smoother process for FE development. Also would like to spend more time doing code reviews.

Last period contributions:


2 months. From February 7, 2022, to April 3, 2022.


  • Collaborate with the DXGov team on the DXVote project.
  • Work on any issue(s) and/or feature(s) that the team leader sees fit for me.
  • Continue learning more about web3 and solidity development in general
  • Start contributing to dxdao-contracts repo
  • Once the dev script is done for dxvote, would be nice to setup e2e test suite to use the local network.


Collaborate with the dxgov team to build Guilds MVP and support dxvote


Experience Level: Level 4
Time commitment: -
Payment: -

Work Experience:

Daotalk - Worker proposal [29/11/2021 - 10/12/2021]
Daotalk - Worker proposal [13/12/2021 - 06/02/2022]
See contributions on Github
4 years as a full-stack web developer


So excited to have you joining the team fulltime, it was awesome meeting you in Denver and looking forward to having you help us build everything we have planned!


It was great meeting Milton in Denver also. Great job to @AugustoL for showing him to DXdao.


Period Review


As mentioned before, this proposal includes plenty of time off. The beginning of this period matched with the event at ETHDenver. That was an outstanding experience and vital for me to continue here at dxDao as a collaborator. After that, I proceeded to stop my current work commitment to start full-time at dxDao, on March 21.

What went well:

  • It was great to meet the team in Denver, especially to know who I will be working with and to learn more about the values that dxDao represents. Being my first event, I got the impression that there were not many projects that carried the flag of decentralization as seriously as dxDao, I felt glad to be a part of the project.
  • Dev script (Augusto’s contribution) was a great addition. I would say that applying the integration tests (cypress) with our local development script was good although there is much more to do. In my opinion, we should put in more time performing E2E tests once the script is "finished” and when we reach some stability in the guild’s code. Also, doing cypress/metamask integration would be ideal to fully test our platform.
  • I started working on some smart contract issues, and I believe that is a huge win on a personal level. Furthermore, it is great for the team to start taking action to avoid relying on a single person to work in that area.
  • Guild’s contributions were good. I worked on some UI aspects of the create-proposal flow for guilds. On top of that, I started working on “guild implementation support epic" to provide different views/actions for different types of guilds.
  • Being full-time here represents a great victory on a personal level and I am very happy to have taken that step. I hope to be able to contribute more and better over time.

What could be improved:

  • I consider that I still need to find time to participate more in the DAO by attending the meetings, and reading and voting proposals. For the moment, I have been very focused on my tasks and dxvote team meetings. I also still need to get used to writing down my proposals on time. It is something I still have to get used to, and I’m trying to find the space and organize myself to accomplish it.
  • During this period the contributions/code-reviews balance was ok but I know can be better.

Daily work sheet:


Experience Level: Level 4

Time commitment:
98hs - 30% of 2months full-time (320hs * 100 / 98hs)


  • $3600 DAI (6000 * 2 * 0.3)
  • $2400 DXD (4000 * 2 * 0.3) vested for 3 years.
  • 0.10002% REP (0.1667% * 2 * 0.3)