Milton Contributor Proposal [04/04/2022 - 29/05/2022]

Milton Contributor Proposal [04/04/2022 - 29/05/2022]


After the previous period, which mainly included transition time from my previous job to being able to collaborate full time here at dxdao, this proposal will be the first to include 100% full-time commitment.

During this period I will continue to collaborate with the dxGov team working on the guilds MVP, supporting dxvote, and contributing to the dxdao smart contract repository mainly with the audit report issues.

This proposal is being sent a few weeks late. With so much to do here, I really had a hard time finding the time to sit down and write this content. I am working in that organization as I understand the importance of being able to do it on time and I am confident that over time this will become a more fluid habit.

Last period review:


What went well:

  • It was great to meet the team in Denver, especially to know who I will be working with and to learn more about the values that dxDao represents. Being my first event, I got the impression that there were not many projects that carried the flag of decentralization as seriously as dxDao, I felt glad to be a part of the project.
  • Dev script (Augusto’s contribution) was a great addition. I would say that applying the integration tests (cypress) with our local development script was good although there is much more to do. In my opinion, we should put in more time performing E2E tests once the script is "finished” and when we reach some stability in the guild’s code. Also, doing cypress/metamask integration would be ideal to fully test our platform.
  • I started working on some smart contract issues, and I believe that is a huge win on a personal level. Furthermore, it is great for the team to start taking action to avoid relying on a single person to work in that area.
  • Guild’s contributions were good. I worked on some UI aspects of the create-proposal flow for guilds. On top of that, I started working on “guild implementation support epic" to provide different views/actions for different types of guilds.
  • Being full-time here represents a great victory on a personal level and I am very happy to have taken that step. I hope to be able to contribute more and better over time.

What could be improved:

  • I consider that I still need to find time to participate more in the DAO by attending the meetings, and reading and voting proposals. For the moment, I have been very focused on my tasks and dxvote team meetings. I also still need to get used to writing down my proposals on time. It is something I still have to get used to, and I’m trying to find the space and organize myself to accomplish it.
  • During this period the contributions/code-reviews balance was ok but I know can be better.


  • Collaborate with the DXGov team on the DXVote project and guilds MVP
  • Work on “Guild implementation support epic” to support different types of guilds/features
  • Work on any issue(s) and/or feature(s) that the team leader sees fit for me.
  • Continue learning more about web3 and solidity development in general
  • Continue contributing to the dxdao-contracts repo, increasing the coverage of the tests, and working on the issues of the audit report.
  • Now that e2e tests (cypress) are working with the development script, I would like to spend some time researching/implementing the interaction between cypress and metamask to be able to fully test guilds with on-chain actions (create-proposal, vote, etc)


Collaborate with the dxgov team to build Guilds MVP and support dxvote


2 months. From April 4, 2022, to May 29, 2022.


Experience Level:
Level 4

Time commitment:
Full-time ( 40hs/week )


  • $12000 DAI
  • $8000 DXD vested for 3 years.
  • 0.3334% REP

To be paid 50% at the half of the period and 50% at the end of the period

Work Experience:

Daotalk - Worker proposal [07/02/2022 - 03/04/2022]
Daotalk - Worker proposal [13/12/2021 - 06/02/2022]
Daotalk - Worker proposal [29/11/2021 - 10/12/2021]
See contributions on Github


4. Milton - Period review [04/04/2022 - 29/05/2022]

Daily work sheet:


I am very happy because this was the first 2-months period with a full-time commitment. The fact of being able to invest more time here is definitely being positive since not only I have been able to complete more tasks, but also I consider that at this point I have gained a lot of independence and can add more value.

What went well:

  • Last period I worked on cypress + developer script integration. For this period one goal was to be able to perform blockchain transactions with integration tests. After some research, I discover synpress library, “a wrapper around cypress with metamask support” and did the implementation for dxvote (guilds) to work with our local developer script. Although along with the implementation I added some tests (such as approving/locking tokens and some other ui/actions tests), I think the important thing is that a good base is ready for the QA team to join and start planning a good coverage of integration tests.
  • I made 2 contributions to the smart contracts repo. Personally, any approach to smart contracts is a victory, not only for being able to learn more about solidity but spending more time with the contracts allows me to understand faster and make better decisions when building/fixing the front end. I hope in the next period to be able to contribute more to the SC since we will have the results of the audit available.
  • The code reviews went well compared to the previous period. I still need to work on the balance between all the things we could/should do here, but there was definitely an improvement in the reviews.
  • During this period I continued working on guilds adding new features and fixing some bugs. At the end of the period, the goal was to finish refactor issues and increase unit test coverage. I think that was great and also felt that all the refactor sessions that we previously had were great to be all on the same page, also contrast opinions/criteria, and were excellent as teamwork activities.
  • Fixing eslint warnings and configuring lintstaged was good too.

What could be improved:

  • As mentioned I still need to work on the balance between code and everything else that is not related to code. I think I was too focused on my own tasks and couldn’t participate or keep up with the dao. I definitely wish I could be more up-to-date and participate more (meetings, reading/voting proposals). I will continue to work on that balance.
  • Something that definitely could have been better is to spend more time covering with integration or unit tests new features that I was creating. It happened to me that after creating a new feature I had to do more than one fix later because another branch had broken the functionality. That extra effort could have been saved by adding tests the first time. I think it is a practice that should not be neglected despite feeling rushed to deliver/close a task. I consider that it does not escape the balance that I spoke about before.