Milan V Contributor Proposal [14/9/2022 - 14/11/2022]


  • 14/9/2022 - 14/11/2022
  • 2 months

Responsibilities :

  • Swapr, Nimi and DXgov PRs Manual Testing (in the distribution plan below)
  • Clear and succinct bugs reporting
  • Writing and improving test cases
  • Writing and improving test scenarios
  • Writing Automation test plans
  • Writing and executing Automated Tests
  • UI Testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Updating and improving existing Automated Tests
  • Continue to learn more about DXdao
  • Collaborate with the Swapr, Nimi and DXgov team
  • Testing DXgov (Guilds) and Nimi to a certain extent, in addition to Swapr
  • Collaborate with the DXgov team, Swapr and Nimi with all above mentioned duties

Goals :

  • Improve existing and develop new Manual and Automation tests
  • Write onboarding documentation for Swapr together with all documents and scenarios written
  • Improve my knowledge in DevOps
  • In this period, I plan to familiarize myself with other projects as much as possible. From that will require the following distribution of my contributions 65 - 80% Swapr, 20% Nimi and as much as needed on DXgov (Guilds)
  • Also, when I become familiar with all projects, I plan to create QA onboarding documentation for each one specifically, so that it would be easier to onboard a new contributor when the conditions and opportunities for it are created, so as not to spend additional resources at that moment in the form of time

  • Onboarding documentation should be written so precisely and concisely for each project especially so that the new QA colleague (doesn’t have to be exclusively QA) is ready to start working on the project with as little assistance as possible from other contributors

  • I also plan to brush up on my technical knowledge of setting up Pipelines and DevOps stuff so that I’m ready and able to maintain the fully automation side of the project.


  • Experience Level: Level 4
  • Time commitment-100%
  • Contributing to DXdao since 1/3/2022
  • Time commitment:
    Full-time 40 hours per week, for two months (14/9/2022-14/11/2022)
  • $12000 DAI - for 2 months.
  • $ 8000 DXD - Vested for three years with a 1-year cliff starting the 14 September 2022.
  • 0.3334% REP - for 2 months

Salary for 2 months of work at Level 4, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment.

Previous work:


Period review

The good:

I kept the productivity at the level regardless of the fact that we had a period at DEVCON as well as the Infinity hackathon, and also handled well the fact that we were left without one member of the QA team who contributed significantly to the whole process.

I also notice that there are fewer and fewer bugs on Swapr thanks to constant manual testing and automation tests.

Communication with the team is still excellent both in private chats and on public channels where I monitor what is happening and prioritize testing in relation to the releases that are happening and the importance of the scope of PR.


First, I would like to thank the community that made it possible for me to attend that event.

Attending the event meant a lot to me because I exchanged a lot of experiences with other DAOs and projects and their QA members or teams. So I was able to research new tools and frameworks that we could implement and that would mean to our projects.

Could be better:

I could better predict the changes that came by switching from Rinkeby to the Goerli test network and in that way prepare everything earlier for the transition from one to another network, but considering all the other events, I managed to not be noticed that some automation tests were skipped as I manually tested.
This will be resolved in the coming period.

Proof of work:

PRs reviewed (manual testing):

Test plan/scenario/cases:

Writing some of the test scripts in collaboration with Kacper on Swapr and Philipp on Guilds

PRs created / automation:

Add Liquidity test (paused due to the implementation of the Goerli Token List)
Adding Goerli Token List

Found a faucet after a long time and provided funds for testing on the Goerli network