Milan V Contributor Proposal [14/5/2022 - 14/7/2022]


After completing the trial period I continue with pleasure to contribute as a QA on Swapr.
I am submitting a proposal for current ongoing and future work to DXdao from 14th May to 14th July, 2022.
During the Trial period I got acquainted with the project and started contributing to both Manual and Automation Test writing and testing, gained experience and together with other QA colleagues established a QA environment that is at a good level although there is still a lot to improve.


  • 14/5/2022 - 14/7/2022
  • 2 months

Responsibilities :

  • Swapr PRs Manual Testing
  • Clear and succinct bugs reporting
  • Writing and improving test cases
  • Writing and improving test scenarios
  • Writing Automation test plans
  • Writing and executing Automated Tests
  • UI Testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Updating and improving existing Automated Tests
  • Continue to learn more about DXdao
  • Collaborate with the Swapr team
  • Onboard on DXgov (Guilds)
  • Collaborate with the DXgov team with all above mentioned duties


  • Continue and improve testing of PRs to ensure the best and most efficient process in developing features on the application as well as bug fixes
  • Improve existing and develop new Manual and Automation tests
  • Write onboarding documentation for Swapr together with all documents and scenarios written so far that could serve a new QA contributor or a new contributor on Swapr
  • Improve my knowledge in DevOps basic things that I need so that I can also maintain and improve Git Actions regarding the execution of written automation tests.
  • Advising and assisting a new QA contributor from the DXgov team in establishing a QA environment
  • Participate in QA activities in the DXgov team as much as possible in addition to Swapr
  • Improve my understanding of DeFi to better test and make more complete test plans
  • Improving my knowledge of DXdao to be more involved in discussions


  • Experience Level:
    Based on the experience and knowledge gained so far, I think I am ready to move from Level 3 to Level 4 as on previous proposals I pointed out that from the beginning I assessed in counseling together with other community members that I am Level 4 but I started with Level 3 until I gained more experience and started to contribute more to the project and the community.

  • Time commitment: Full-time 40 hours per week

  • 2 - months

    • $12000 DAI - for 2 months.
    • $8000 DXD - Vested for three years with a 1-year cliff starting the 14 March 2022.
    • 0.3334% REP - for 2 months

Salary for 2 months of work at Level 4, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment.

Previous work:


Period review

The good:

  • Successful constant testing and retesting of more than 60 PRs where I tried to describe the problem (bugs) as well as possible so that the developers could understand and correct it as soon as possible.
    In this part, I increased productivity by about 50% compared to the last period, partly due to upgrading the knowledge of the system and the experience gained, and partly due to the development and study of the productivity system and work on WEB 3.0 projects and as part of DAO.

  • Writing test cases and scenarios for Swapr and also for Governance (Guilds)
    as much as possible, because Swapr and my work on that project is the main focus.

  • Writing Automation Tests is also still going in the right direction and I doubled the work there as well and progressed in it because I gained a lot of experience and also got a lot of help from other contributors when consulting or encountering a potential problem.

  • Communication with the team has improved more and strengthened a lot since I have continued to improve my knowledge of both the technologies I use for writing tests and the knowledge of the system itself.
    I also became more active in other chat channels and I try to be useful to the community in as many ways as possible.
    I participated in the contributor review survey where I evaluated colleagues/members of the community and I also received evaluations from colleagues as well as their impressions and a detailed review, in which I was evaluated with the highest score in most fields and for that I am very happy because I know that I am on the right path.

  • In DXDAO I brought a new member Philipp who is also a QA but on the Guilds project, I was also in charge of his onboarding to our QA work system and the environment we created, it also went well and I see that he is contributing and that other members of the community satisfied with the work he does.

  • Altogether, I am aware of my commitment and I see progress, I also notice and get feedback from others that they are satisfied with my performance.
    I am very happy about that and will continue to go in that direction.

Could be better:

  • As for the technical side, I noticed that I’m still weaker with the DevOps stuff that a QA contributor needs, so I still need to make that improvement plan in that field a reality.
    I could change the domain and scope of testing to also smart contracts because there are also changes and I need to pay more attention to E2E testing, it happened more because there really wasn’t an opportunity yet, but slowly and surely the conditions are being created for that as well.
    I could dedicate myself more to the Guilds project because I’m needed there too, I just need to find a way to balance work and obligations because my main focus is on Swapr.
    From time to time I could review total PRs and track where I get fast or slow responses to testing and noticed bugs, so I could write reports and remind contributors where we should focus more and what we are missing so that some PRs would not stay open for more than a month unless it is due to the technical side.

Proof of work:

PRs reviewed (manual testing):

Bug reports:

Test plan/scenario/cases:

Writing some of the test scripts in collaboration with Kacper on Swapr and Philipp on Guilds


Thanks for the awesome work @Milanv95 ! You have been a super :star2: :slight_smile: