Milan V Contributor Proposal [14/3/2022 - 14/5/2022]


I started as a QA Engineer in the Swapr team at the beginning of March. After completing the 2-week trial period this proposal will be for the next 2 trial months of work. For the first two weeks, the main focus was onboarding onto Swapr, getting acquainted with the processes, and cooperation with the team. Defining priorities, writing test scenarios and cases based on a feature list. I have been able to make progress in understanding and learning Swarp features.

Understand and test Issues, as well as find new bugs and create new issues both independently and in consultation with colleagues.

Now I feel more comfortable testing the Swapr and writing new test scenarios, cases, and UI Automation tests although I still have a lot to learn and a lot of new things I need to get acquainted with.

Given the understanding of most Swapr features, I began writing UI Automation tests (Smoke Tests).

  • Timeframe:
    • 14/3/2022 - 14/5/2022
    • 2 months trial

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

Short-term goals ( First month ) :

  • Continue to learn more about DXdao
  • Collaborate with the Swapr team
  • Explore the tools used for testing web 3.0 dapps (for mobile devices)
  • Write/update test plans
  • Manual testing of PRs
  • Analyzing the test results
  • Writing UI Automation tests

Long-term goals :

  • Improve my understanding of DeFi to better test and make more complete test plans
  • Improving my knowledge of DXdao to be more involved in discussions
    with team members
  • Responsibilities:
  • Swapr PRs Manual Testing
  • Clear and succinct bugs reporting
  • Writing test cases
  • Writing test scenarios
  • Writing Automation test plans
  • Writing and executing Automated Test
  • UI Testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compensation:
    • Experience Level:
      I believe based on my background and work experience I am a Level 4, but I’d rather start with Level 3 during the trial period (2 weeks + 2 months) in order to gain more experience with DXdao in general and more understanding of what we are building and the goals.

    • Time commitment: Full-time 40 hours per week

    • 2 -months trial period (Rate at 80%)

      • $8000 DAI - for 2 months trial period…
      • $4800 DXD - Vested for three years with a 1-year cliff starting the 14 March 2022.
      • 0.2666% REP

Salary for 2 months of work at Level 3, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment.

Previous work:


Proof of work:

Manual testing:


fix: add background gradient for pair cards
- feature: add Curve to Eco Router

Bug reports:

WalletConnect | Desktop
- Fix: Rewads Main page
- Fix for error message | wraping native asset option
- Miss-alignment on Rewards / pair

Test plan/scenario/cases:

Writing some of the test scripts in collaboration with Kacper and Kinga

UI Automation:

test: Smoke Test for Liquidity page


Period review

The good:

For these two months’ trial period the main goal was to be technical onboarded in general on Swapr and to be able to test PRs with certainty and write automation tests, which went very well as well as other QA activities.

  • Successful constant testing and retesting of more than 20 PRs where I tried to describe the problem (bugs) as well as possible so that the developers could understand and correct it as soon as possible.

  • Writing Test scenarios and cases so that they can be applied for automation tests but also for onboarding new members who would pass the manual testing according to the instructions from these documents and get to know better all the possibilities and features of Swapr.

  • Communication with the team has improved and strengthened a lot since I have gained and improved my knowledge of Swapr so I can participate more in discussions.

  • Written Automation Tests and advanced knowledge of the technologies we use to write automation tests.

  • Retrospective of the QA work done so far in order to look back on what has been done and consider how we can improve the work done so far and improve the work process even more.

Altogether, I felt much more comfortable working with the team and on the project because I improved my knowledge about Swapr, what we do and what our goal is as well as other technical knowledge I needed in my daily work.
I adopted the values ​​of being a member of a DAO and remaining self-motivated, disciplined, and consistent in my work. Working at DXDAO makes contributors not only better in the technical field or DeFi experts, but also better people who work on themselves in every field and “fight” with themselves to achieve the same goal of decentralization.

After the successful completion of the Trial Period, I decided and received confirmation from community members and the team that I should attend the EthCC in Paris and I am very happy because I will meet and get even closer with others from the community and improve my knowledge.

Could be better:

Since I was focused on contributing to Swapr as soon as possible and “serving a purpose” as a QA contributor as much as I can for this trial period I haven’t had that much time to learn and get to know more about DXDAO in general and other projects mentioned in the weekly meetings, so my goal is to improve to benefit the community and beyond the Swapr project but to continue to contribute to Swapr as needed and more.
As for the technical side, I noticed that I’m weaker with the DevOps stuff that a QA contributor needs. I plan to improve my knowledge of Git Actions and some of the basic DevOps tools and technologies so that I can contribute in that field as well.

Proof of work:

PRs reviewed (manual testing):

Bug reports:

-Transaction settings / Transaction deadline input field
- Change URL of Charts
- Eco brigde / testing and things to fix
- Connect wallet: broken images
- Polygon network is not clickable on Bridge
Token search

Test plan/scenario/cases:

Writing some of the test scripts in collaboration with Kacper and Kinga

PRs created (automation):

Rewards page smoke test:
Transaction Settings smoke test:
Add Liquidity automation test:

Presentation (retrospective doc):

Post on Github discussion:


Milan has come up to speed very quickly and is making a big difference for DXdao’s QA efforts. I’ve said it many times on calls, but QA is particularly critical to DXdao because of the intentional avoidance of real time analytics of the dapps. Great to have you @Milanv95 and looking forward to voting on your proposal!


Hey @Milanv95 You have been a great add to Swapr :slight_smile: Great to be working with you!