Milan V Contributor Proposal [14/11/2022 - 14/01/2023]


14/11/2022 - 14/01/2023

2 months

Responsibilities :

  • Swapr PRs Manual Testing (in the distribution plan below)
  • Clear and succinct bugs reporting
  • Writing and improving test cases
  • Writing and improving test scenarios
  • Writing Automation test plans
  • Writing and executing Automated Tests
  • UI Testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Updating and improving existing Automated Tests

Goals :

  • Improve existing and develop new Manual and Automation tests (based on new features)
  • Update existing testing scenarios written for Swapr (based on new features)
  • Migrate Automation tests from Rinbkeby to Goerli and make fixes in the tests to make everything work.
    Transferring test execution from Cypress Dashboard to Sorry Cypress in order to reduce costs and achieve better efficiency, it is also necessary to change a lot of things in automation tests.
  • For the duration of this period, the plan is that for the first month I will only be on Swapr, where the focus would be mostly on manual testing with all the before mentioned corrections required by Automation Tests. The following month I will continue working on Swapr with a possibility to support Carrot or DAVI in certain percentage.


Experience Level: Level 4

Time commitment - 100%

Contributing to DXdao since 1/3/2022

Time commitment:

Full-time 40 hours per week, for two months (14/11/2022-14/01/2023)

$12000 DAI - for 2 months.

$ 8000 DXD - Vested for three years with a 1-year cliff starting the 14 November 2022.

0.3334% REP - for 2 months

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