Mesa Use Case Proposal

  1. Crypto firms can raise funds on Mesa, so they can afford audits, which can be a strong signal for investors who like their business model.
    On the other hand, given the long wait lists at security auditor firms as their service is in high demand, Mesa can be the tool for them to auction their services. Martin thought of a white-label offering that we can sell them.
    The more a company raises to fund their audit, the stronger the signal to investors that it is a great opportunity. It is a cool validation and go to market strategy for startups.

  2. We can have dxVentures only invest in companies in such terms that we have them go through this process with Mesa. It will be a win-win.

  3. Also, another idea. Tokens cannot be a security, well, they surely can but better not because of regulation, but this shouldn’t stop startups raise funds if they’re already on the hook with a trad VC from Silicon Valley. They are not diluting any shares as tokens will be raised as a commodity and will not represent any equity. If a reputable VC funds a startup, it is /somewhat :D/ a good validation that it’s been vetted. Then, why not marry the two ways for founders to raise funds and actually approach VCs. When founders raise funds through Mesa, the VC can exit as the founder can buy back their shares from the VC with the funds she/he raised with Mesa.