Mesa Challenge - How best to spend our 5k OWL on Marketing

Gnosis is providing 5k OWL to the dxDAO to help achieve the 10k GNO challenge. The 5k are meant to be spend on marketing related to bring more traders to If the 5k are spend effectively, the dxDAO will receive additional 5k OWL for the same purpose.

This thread is for the community to brainstorm together how these 5k can be spend in the most effective way. Please add your ideas here.

List of ideas:

  • Create 10 Mesa related memes
  • Create educative material (video tutorial, twitter thread, blog post) around trading on Mesa, highlighting its USPs.
  • Hiring a part time marketing person for the dxDAO

Do you know how much are these worth? I didn’t see them listed on any exchange and what can be done with those would depend of how much they are worth.

I would suggest creating a storytelling campaign splitting them between people who communicate (whether it’s memes or more serious stuff).
People would submit links to their contributions and a panel of 1-3 evaluators would propose a repartition which the dxDAO could approve.
For having participated in the organization of a similar program, the key to its success is do it multiple payouts (one each month). At the first month there won’t be a lot of contributions as people would be scared of the payout to be small but as the first people get paid and people see nice payouts, the participation level readjusts way upward.


They are listed on :slight_smile: It’s currently around 75 cents.


I think the best use of the funds would be to give it to Genesis DAO and let the community be rewarded for guerrilla organic marketing campaigns in exchange to OWL tokens. Reason being those rewarded will already be incentivize to trade it in Mesa and make a profit. Happy to support and help facilitate this If you’re interested.