Member onboarding to convert them to active contributors

DAOs operate in an open way i.e. open discussion forums, chats, meetings, code etc. Although each of the discord servers of the crypto projects has more than 2-5k members, only a handful of the members actively participate or contribute.

The reason is that the new members are simply not aware of how to get started, where to contribute, what reward to expect etc. This leads to the loss of opportunity for both the DAOs/crypto projects and the members who wanted to join the projects.

We believe, the gap can be bridged by providing interactive and to-the-point guided content to new members along with some quizzes.

DoDAOs onboarding platform enables DAOs to create interactive onboarding content in the form of guides. Our guides are far better than normal documentation in a number of ways

  1. Guides are to-the-point and are meant to onboard users for a specific role or task.
  2. Information is presented to the user in a piece-by-piece way i.e. in steps.
  3. Guides have evaluation steps that force the user to go through the contents carefully
  4. Guide completion is tracked i.e. we know the user’s wallet address, completion date, and score.
  5. This data can be queried to apply smart logic like: gating of discord channels, gating of product boards, and proposal voting

This is another explainer video of the problem statement

Next Steps
1.β€œYes” from your side to proceed forward
2. Provide guidance in creating high quality guides