Melanie Worker Proposal 6/1/21- 8/1/21 [Draft]


This Contributor UX proposal is for Melanie (MMDHR Consulting), @melaniedavis on Keybase. As a strategic Contributor UX partner with DXdao, I plan to focus on talent management and contributor engagement by strengthening its collaborative culture, fostering innovation and implementing and managing a scalable recruiting and onboarding process. Below is my outlined scope of work for the next 2 months.


  • 6/1/21- 8/1/21
  • 2 months

Proposed Scope of Contribution:
Onboarding and Worker Proposal Management 60%

  • Manage Onboarding Process
    • Oversee all DXdao onboarding procedures for incoming contributors
      • Act as a consultant to incoming contributors
      • Serve as a liaison between incoming contributors and current squads
      • Assist with coordinating contributor orientation/ training
      • Ongoing new contributor engagement
  • Assist with developing/executing recruiting processes
    • Responsibilities include:
      • Contributor description development
        • Current contributor descriptions can be found here
      • Screening, interviewing, candidate assessment and candidate selection
      • Refinement of overall “interview” process
        • Collaboration with squad leaders
  • Active/ongoing recruitment for new DXdao contributors
    • Hackathons - 0xHack
    • ETHCC
      • I will be attending this conference in July
    • Dev Workshops
  • Assist in the interview process for Marketing Lead alongside @chrispowers and @keenanluke
    • Position Co
    • Screening/interview/candidate presentation process
  • Manage and assist contributors through current worker proposal process
    • Ensure workers proposals are completed and submitted in two month cycles (Proposal details are specified in the Contributors Guidelines)
    • Walk all new contributors through worker proposal content development
    • Aide new contributors through worker proposal submission on Alchemy
  • Oversee current worker proposal notification system for contributors
    • @allyq will be responsible for executing this initiative in Keybase
  • Development of scalable worker proposal solutions in progress
    • The following areas of DXvote I will be collaborating with @augustol:
      • Worker proposal templates
      • Worker compensation calculator
  • Oversee tracking of all previous and ongoing proposal submission
    • Create tracking process and scale
    • @allyq will be responsible for all daily tracking of worker proposals/ DXD/REP

Talent Management - Contributor Retention 30%

  • Assist in the development of a new contributor compensation structure alongside @powers @keenanluke and ensure community consensus around compensation restructure
  • Continued development and implementation of contributor incentive and reward programs
    • DXReferral
    • Coordinape
  • Improve overall experience at DXdao for contributors
    • Professional development
      • Conferences
      • Additional training
    • In person events (ie. Contributor retreats)
      Standardize Operating Procedures - Contributor Hub 10%
  • Standardize Operating Procedures for the following and input them into the Contributor Hub
    • Communications around compensation off-ramps
    • Onboarding process
      • Signing up for Keybase, Jitsi, Kraken, Metamask etc.

Self Reflection on previous worker proposal:

Upon the start of June, I will have completed my trial and first two months at DXdao. Below is my self-reflection on how I think I did over the past few months while contributing to the DXdao community.

  • What I did well
    • I think I did well at immediately owning the onboarding process by taking over and leading almost all communications with new contributors/candidates.
    • Worker proposal management will be an ongoing and evolving task, however I do think I did well at developing and implementing an alert/ notification system to ensure contributor worker proposals are submitted and up to date
    • All past and current DXD and REP allocations were tracked and delivered, thank you @allq for all of your work on this. I feel satisfied with the outcome of that initiative.
    • All of the immediate Operating Procedures that needed to be revised and completed were done.
  • What I did okay
    • Although recruiting wasn’t a primary task on my worker proposal, I still think that I did “okay” in this area. I was able to work with @zett to bring on a front end dev to Swapr and have developed a few processes around improving the recruiting areas of DXdao.
    • Contributor engagement- I was able to meet and speak with every member of the community and am finding my place within DXdao, which was a goal of mine. I give myself an “okay” because it took me longer than 2 weeks to meet with Augusto :wink:
  • What I need to improve on
    • Even though I am pretty content with the influx of contributor worker proposals being submitted, at times errors are still being made during the Alchemy worker proposal submission process. I think I can improve on ensuring a more thorough review is completed of all worker proposal submissions to eliminate errors in this process for the future.
    • In addition, although the alert / notification is very useful, I do not think the structure is scalable as all alerts are being sent manually. I need to spend more time in the upcoming months developing a more scalable and automated solution.
    • I know there are so many areas of web3/DeFi/DAOs that I need to gain knowledge and expertise in. I would say that this is an area that will be a constant area of growth and improvement for me as our DAO and surrounding communities evolve.


  • Experience Level 4
  • Time commitment- 100%
  • Contributing to DXdao since 3/22/2021. 2.5 month proposal - 2 week trial and first 2 months
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (6/1/21- 8/1/21)
    • Month 1
      • $7,000 (xDai)
      • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
      • 0.1667% REP
    • Month 2
    • $7,000 (xDai)
    • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.1667% REP


Experience :
Previous Worker Proposals:

Worker proposal 3/22/21-5/31/21



Below is my self reflection on the past 2 months of contributing to the DXdao community:

  • What I did well

    • I think I did well at helping organize DXdao’s participation in 0xHack. At the hackathon @JohnKelleher gave an excellent presentation and I was able to successfully recruit one of the newest members of Aqua, @ross
    • With the help of all contributors at DXdao, our first DXEvent happened earlier this month at ETHCC & Paris Blockchain week and I would say it was a success! Details around this event can be found here.
  • What I did okay

    • Last period, I thought the Contributor UX was beginning to have a grasp around how to improve the inefficiencies in the contributor proposal process. Most contributor proposals were submitted on time, and we saw a decrease in outstanding contributor proposals. Unfortunately, we are still experiencing the submission of late proposals and how they affect the community, as evident here. This period we will continue to work on improving this ever evolving and challenging contributor proposal process.
  • What I need to improve on

    • I think I did okay at collaborating with @Powers and @KeenanL on the implementation of our compensation overhaul. As apparent here, our proposal did not pass in the community, and there is still some work to do in order to gain consensus on a new compensation structure .
    • An ongoing initiative of mine is around incentive programs for DXdao contributors and community members. I would have liked to have implemented a referral system, but did not have the opportunity to. This worker proposal I will be making the contributor referral system a top priority.
    • As stated in my previous self reflection, there are still so many areas of web3/DeFi/DAOs that I need to gain knowledge and expertise in. This is an area that will always be a constant area of growth and improvement for me.

In addition, I will be claiming my stipend for DXEvents in this proposal

  • Total: $1,250
    • $500 (travel stipend) + $250*3 (daily stipend) = $1250
    • @sky purchased my EthCC ticket and that will be reflected in his proposal