Melanie Worker Proposal 6/1/21- 8/1/21 [Draft]


This Contributor UX proposal is for Melanie (MMDHR Consulting), @melaniedavis on Keybase. As a strategic Contributor UX partner with DXdao, I plan to focus on talent management and contributor engagement by strengthening its collaborative culture, fostering innovation and implementing and managing a scalable recruiting and onboarding process. Below is my outlined scope of work for the next 2 months.


  • 6/1/21- 8/1/21
  • 2 months

Proposed Scope of Contribution:
Onboarding and Worker Proposal Management 60%

  • Manage Onboarding Process
    • Oversee all DXdao onboarding procedures for incoming contributors
      • Act as a consultant to incoming contributors
      • Serve as a liaison between incoming contributors and current squads
      • Assist with coordinating contributor orientation/ training
      • Ongoing new contributor engagement
  • Assist with developing/executing recruiting processes
    • Responsibilities include:
      • Contributor description development
        • Current contributor descriptions can be found here
      • Screening, interviewing, candidate assessment and candidate selection
      • Refinement of overall “interview” process
        • Collaboration with squad leaders
  • Active/ongoing recruitment for new DXdao contributors
    • Hackathons - 0xHack
    • ETHCC
      • I will be attending this conference in July
    • Dev Workshops
  • Assist in the interview process for Marketing Lead alongside @chrispowers and @keenanluke
    • Position Co
    • Screening/interview/candidate presentation process
  • Manage and assist contributors through current worker proposal process
    • Ensure workers proposals are completed and submitted in two month cycles (Proposal details are specified in the Contributors Guidelines)
    • Walk all new contributors through worker proposal content development
    • Aide new contributors through worker proposal submission on Alchemy
  • Oversee current worker proposal notification system for contributors
    • @allyq will be responsible for executing this initiative in Keybase
  • Development of scalable worker proposal solutions in progress
    • The following areas of DXvote I will be collaborating with @augustol:
      • Worker proposal templates
      • Worker compensation calculator
  • Oversee tracking of all previous and ongoing proposal submission
    • Create tracking process and scale
    • @allyq will be responsible for all daily tracking of worker proposals/ DXD/REP

Talent Management - Contributor Retention 30%

  • Assist in the development of a new contributor compensation structure alongside @powers @keenanluke and ensure community consensus around compensation restructure
  • Continued development and implementation of contributor incentive and reward programs
    • DXReferral
    • Coordinape
  • Improve overall experience at DXdao for contributors
    • Professional development
      • Conferences
      • Additional training
    • In person events (ie. Contributor retreats)
      Standardize Operating Procedures - Contributor Hub 10%
  • Standardize Operating Procedures for the following and input them into the Contributor Hub
    • Communications around compensation off-ramps
    • Onboarding process
      • Signing up for Keybase, Jitsi, Kraken, Metamask etc.

Self Reflection on previous worker proposal:

Upon the start of June, I will have completed my trial and first two months at DXdao. Below is my self-reflection on how I think I did over the past few months while contributing to the DXdao community.

  • What I did well
    • I think I did well at immediately owning the onboarding process by taking over and leading almost all communications with new contributors/candidates.
    • Worker proposal management will be an ongoing and evolving task, however I do think I did well at developing and implementing an alert/ notification system to ensure contributor worker proposals are submitted and up to date
    • All past and current DXD and REP allocations were tracked and delivered, thank you @allq for all of your work on this. I feel satisfied with the outcome of that initiative.
    • All of the immediate Operating Procedures that needed to be revised and completed were done.
  • What I did okay
    • Although recruiting wasn’t a primary task on my worker proposal, I still think that I did “okay” in this area. I was able to work with @zett to bring on a front end dev to Swapr and have developed a few processes around improving the recruiting areas of DXdao.
    • Contributor engagement- I was able to meet and speak with every member of the community and am finding my place within DXdao, which was a goal of mine. I give myself an “okay” because it took me longer than 2 weeks to meet with Augusto :wink:
  • What I need to improve on
    • Even though I am pretty content with the influx of contributor worker proposals being submitted, at times errors are still being made during the Alchemy worker proposal submission process. I think I can improve on ensuring a more thorough review is completed of all worker proposal submissions to eliminate errors in this process for the future.
    • In addition, although the alert / notification is very useful, I do not think the structure is scalable as all alerts are being sent manually. I need to spend more time in the upcoming months developing a more scalable and automated solution.
    • I know there are so many areas of web3/DeFi/DAOs that I need to gain knowledge and expertise in. I would say that this is an area that will be a constant area of growth and improvement for me as our DAO and surrounding communities evolve.


  • Experience Level 4
  • Time commitment- 100%
  • Contributing to DXdao since 3/22/2021. 2.5 month proposal - 2 week trial and first 2 months
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (6/1/21- 8/1/21)
    • Month 1
      • $7,000 (xDai)
      • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
      • 0.1667% REP
    • Month 2
    • $7,000 (xDai)
    • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.1667% REP


Experience :
Previous Worker Proposals:

Worker proposal 3/22/21-5/31/21