Melanie DXAmsterdam Contributor Stipend + Swag

Below outlines a draft proposal for my DXAmsterdam contributor stipend as outlined in the proposal here. In addition, I will be requesting reimbursement for swag I paid for The DAOist GGG and ETHDenver. All swag receipts have been provided to those involved in swag production, and will also gladly provide upon request as well.

DXAmsterdam Stipend

Daily stipend - $1000 (Max)
Transportation - $1000 (US)
Mandatory Covid-19 testing - $75 (Return US flight testing)
Accommodation - $2709.32


Nail Decals (The DAOist GGG Nail bar) - $1,267.38
DXdao Banner (ETHDenver booth) - $161

Total: $6,212.70