Melanie Contributor Proposal 12/1/21- 1/31/22 [Draft]

This contributor proposal is for Melanie (MMDHR Consulting), @melaniemd on Keybase. I am currently leading the Contributor UX at DXdao. In this role my focus will mainly be around talent management and contributor engagement. Ongoing goals of mine are to strengthen DXdao’s collaborative culture, foster innovation and implement and manage a scalable onboarding and recruiting process. Below is my outlined scope of work for the next 2 months.


  • 12/1/21- 1/31/22
  • 2 months

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

Onboarding and Contributor Proposal Management

  • Manage Onboarding Process
    • Oversee all DXdao onboarding procedures for incoming contributors
      • Act as a consultant to incoming contributors
      • Serve as a liaison between incoming contributors and current squads
      • Assist with coordinating contributor orientation/ training
      • Ongoing new contributor engagement and support
  • Assist with developing and executing recruiting processes
    • Responsibilities include:
      • Ongoing contributor description development
      • Screening, interviewing, candidate assessment and candidate selection
      • Refinement of overall “interview” process
        • Collaboration with squad leaders
  • Active/ongoing recruitment for new DXdao contributors
    • Job Boards (Cryptocurrency Jobs, Week in Ethereum & Bankless)
      • More details around my Recruiting Funding proposal can be found here
    • Recruiting, interviewing, and assessing candidates from hackathons
    • Engaging with multiple agencies for dev and technical placements
      • Dribble
  • Manage and assist contributors through current contributor proposal process
    • Ensure contributor’s proposals are completed and submitted in two month cycles (Proposal details are specified in DXdocs)
    • Walk all new contributors through contributor proposal content development
    • Aide new contributors through proposal submission on DXvote and /or Alchemy (xDXdao)
  • Assist with the DXdao Contributor Feedback Review Survey initiative led by @allyq
  • Oversee current contributor proposal notification system for contributors
    • @allyq will be responsible for executing this initiative in Keybase
  • Continued development of scalable contributor proposal solutions in progress
  • Oversee tracking of all previous and ongoing proposal submission
    • @allyq will be responsible for all daily tracking of worker proposals/ DXD/REP

Talent Management - Contributor Retention

  • Collaborate with @Powers , @KeenanL and @dlabs on passing a new payment structure through governance. Details of the proposal can be found here.
  • Improve overall experience at DXdao for contributors
    • Coordination of in-person events
      • Conferences - ETHDenver
  • Lead weekly Contributor UX call
  • Continued development and implementation of contributor incentive and reward programs

Self Reflection on previous contributor proposal:

Here is my reflection on the past 2 months of contributing at DXdao. What a whirlwind October and November were! Not only did we have our first DAO retreat - DXretreat, but we also participated in LisCon and ETHLisbon:) Big thank you to @dlabs whom I collaborated and coordinated with to make these events come to life. See Sky´s recap for more details of DXdao´s 2 weeks in Lisbon.

What I did well on:

What I need to improve on:

  • Last period we saw an increase in late/unsubmitted contributor proposals. The Contributor UX has begun to readdress this issue to identify what caused the uptick and how to ensure contributors are submitting their proposals in a timely manner.
  • I didn’t have a chance this period to review, restructure, and implement the contributor compensation overhaul as previously outlined in my proposal. I plan on prioritizing this initiative this period alongside @powers, @keenanl and @dlabs .
  • I expected to have posted our DXdao open contributor roles posted on various job forums by now as outlined here. Unfortunately, due to some delays I have not been able to do so.


  • Experience Level 4
  • Time commitment- 100%
  • Contributing to DXdao since 3/22/2021.
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (12/1/21- 1/31/22)
    • Month 1
      • $7,000 (xDai)
      • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
      • 0.1667% REP
    • Month 2
      • $7,000 (xDai)
      • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
      • 0.1667% REP

Previous Worker Proposals:

Previous worker proposal 3/22/21-5/31/21
Previous worker proposal 6/1/21-8/1/21
Previous worker proposal 8/2/2021- 10/1/21
Previous worker proposal 10/2/2021- 11/30/21


Here is my reflection on the past 2 months of contributing at DXdao :slight_smile:

What I did well :

In December, we passed the Payment Structure update through governance and transitioned all DXdao contributors to the updated pay structure. In conjunction with the payment structure update, I met 1:1 with all DXdao contributors to discuss the new structure and assisted with transitioning them into the new structure. I also collaborated with the DXgov team on the payment structure updates to DXvote.

In January, the ContributorX began to shift a lot of focus on recruiting. Working alongside @keenanluke we helped to source, recruit, interview and bring on a new member to DXvoice as a Social Media and Community growth manager.

Supported @allyq in the implementation and execution of our first peer review at DXdao. I am looking forward to continuing this initiative moving forward at DXdao.

Needs improvement:

In the upcoming months I want to focus more on strategy and processes around improving sourcing and recruiting contributors to DXdao.


My proposal falls under the new compensation structure enacted from 01/01/2022. The first half of my proposal was made under level 4 in the previous compensation structure. After discussing with multiple DXdao contributors I will be updating my compensation level to Level 6.

  • Month 2 at Level 6
    • $8,000 (xDai)
    • $6,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.1667% REP

I will be also requesting payment for open roles listed on Cryptocurrency jobs for December and January for the Social Media and Community Growth contributor and Social Media and Community Growth contributor roles . More details around recruiting funding can be found here

Social Media and Community Growth (Dec 2021 & Jan 2022) : $598
Art Director (Jan 2022): $299
Total: $897

In addition, I will be requesting reimbursement for swag samples I had made and shipped: $80