Melanie Contributor Proposal 12/1/2022-12/31/2022

This contributor proposal is for Melanie, @melaniemd on Keybase. I am currently leading the ContributorX at DXdao. This contributor proposal timeframe is for 1 month as DXdao contributors will be transitioning to DAVI in 2023. My scope of work and budget in the Operations Guild proposal can be found here.


  • 12/1/2022-12/31/2022
  • 1 month

Proposed Scope of Contribution:
Onboarding and Contributor Proposal Management

  • Manage Onboarding Process
    • Oversee all DXdao onboarding procedures for incoming contributors
      • Act as a consultant to incoming contributors
      • Serve as a liaison between incoming contributors and current squads
      • Assist with coordinating contributor training
      • Ongoing new contributor engagement and support
  • Provide support on all phases of the recruiting cycle
    • Responsibilities include:
      • Ongoing contributor role description development
      • Screening, interviewing, candidate assessment and candidate selection
      • Refinement of overall “interview” process
        • Collaboration with squad leaders
  • Active/ongoing recruitment for new DXdao contributors
    • Developer recruitment alongside @augustol
      • Together we will focus on strategy for sourcing, interviewing, selection and onboarding these roles
  • Manage and assist contributors through the current contributor proposal processon DXvote
  • Collaborate with @ross on DAVI onboarding and proposal documentation
    • Ongoing testing and preparation for DAVI transition in H1 2023
  • Oversee current contributor proposal notification system for contributors
    • @allyq will be responsible for executing this initiative in Keybase
  • Oversee tracking of all previous and ongoing proposal submission
    • @allyq will be responsible for all daily tracking of contributor proposals/ DXD/REP

Talent Management

  • Support the development and execution of the Contributor Feedback Review alongside @allyq
    • @allyq will lead the management and distribution of the Contributor Feedback Review
  • Lead bi-weekly ContributorX call


  • Level 6
  • Time commitment- 100%
  • Contributing to DXdao since 3/22/2021
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (12/1/2022-12/31/2022)
    • Month 1
      • $8,000 (xDAI)
      • $6,000 (DXD). Vested for 3 years.
      • 0.1667% REP

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