Melanie Contributor Proposal 10/1/2022-11/30/2022

This contributor proposal is for Melanie, @melaniemd on Keybase. I am currently leading the ContributorX at DXdao, in this role my focus is around talent management and contributor engagement. Ongoing goals of mine are to strengthen DXdao’s collaborative culture, foster innovation and implement and manage a scalable DAO onboarding and recruiting system.

This proposal I will be submitting in a different sequence than usual. I am submitting my proposal a week prior to my proposal period starting for the community to review, then submit my retrospective once my current period finishes. I am trying this as we begin to propose alternatives to the current contributor proposal process.


  • 10/1/2022-11/30/2022
  • 2 months

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

Onboarding and Contributor Proposal Management

  • Manage Onboarding Process
    • Oversee all DXdao onboarding procedures for incoming contributors
      • Act as a consultant to incoming contributors
      • Serve as a liaison between incoming contributors and current squads
      • Assist with coordinating contributor training
      • Ongoing new contributor engagement and support
  • Provide support on all phases of the recruiting cycle
    • Responsibilities include:
      • Ongoing contributor role description development
      • Screening, interviewing, candidate assessment and candidate selection
      • Refinement of overall “interview” process
        • Collaboration with squad leaders
  • Active/ongoing recruitment for new DXdao contributors
    • This period I will begin to shift my recruiting attention to Senior Solidity Developer recruitment alongside @AugustoL
      • Together we will focus on strategy for sourcing, interviewing, selection and onboarding this role
  • Manage and assist contributors through the current contributor proposal process
    • Continued work on the contributor proposal overhaul with the ContributorX
    • Support new contributors through contributor proposal content development
    • Aide new contributors through proposal submission on DXvote and /or Alchemy (xDXdao)
  • Oversee current contributor proposal notification system for contributors
    • @allyq will be responsible for executing this initiative in Keybase
  • Oversee tracking of all previous and ongoing proposal submission
    • @allyq will be responsible for all daily tracking of contributor proposals/ DXD/REP

Talent Management - Contributor Retention

  • Improve overall experience at DXdao for contributors
    • Coordination of in-person events
      • DXdao at Devcon VI
        • During Devcon I will be representing DXdao and conducting a workshop - Buidl the Builders: How you can create the next generation of Web3 contributors through Education, Peer Review and Professional Development
      • Support Lateral in the development, internal communications and execution of the DXRetreat
      • Provide support for the Infinite Hackathon
  • Collaborate with the ContributorX on the improvement of contributor review system
  • Lead weekly ContributorX call


  • Level 6
  • Time commitment- 100%
  • Contributing to DXdao since 3/22/2021
  • Full-time for total of 40 hours per week, for two months (10/1/2022-11/30/2022)
    • Month 1
      • $8,000 (xDAI)
      • $6,000 (DXD). Vested for 3 years.
      • 0.1667% REP
    • Month 2
      • $8,000 (xDAI)
      • $6,000 (DXD). Vested for 3 years.
      • 0.1667% REP
  • During this contributor period, I will be attending the Infinite Hackathon, Devcon VI and our DXRetreat in Colombia. In the first half proposal, I will be requesting my contributor stipend as outlined here.
    • Daily stipend - $1,125
    • Transportation to Bogotá - $1,200 Europe
    • Transportation to Cartagena - $250
    • Accommodation - $2,300
    • Total: $4,875 (xDai)

Past Contributor Proposals:




Below is my reflection on the past 2 months of contributing at DXdao

What went well:

October, as most know, was spent in Colombia where I participated in the Infinite Hackathon, Devcon, and our DXretreat. During this time, I assisted with organizing and collaborating with others to plan the events that occurred throughout the weeks we were there. As always, it was amazing to see everyone from DXdao and members of the Ethereum community! A personal highlight of mine was representing DXdao and hosting a workshop at Devcon 6 that focused on the Contributor Experience, Building the Builders: How You Can Create the Next Generation of Web3 Contributors through Education, Peer Review, and Professional Development. It was great to discuss the Contributor Experience with those others interested in the space.

As outlined in my proposal, I began to shift attention this period toward recruiting. @AugustoL and I worked together to develop a process that would help us streamline the recruitment of Senior Solidity developers to DXdao. At the moment, we are recruiting a Senior Solidity developer for Swapr. Thus far, we have sourced and interviewed quite a few applicants. We are narrowing down our selection, and I feel confident we will onboard a contributor who can fill this role in the upcoming weeks.

During this period, I also collaborated with @ross and @whatt4 on testing for Guilds, and we successfully sent all of the Infinite prizes from the DevOps Guild to our hacker winners. DAVI is pretty awesome!

What went okay

In November we faced quite a few challenges with the contributor proposal process. Mainly because Alchemy went offline and contributors who normally used Alchemy to submit their proposals had to transition to solely using DXvote. Unfortunately, due to this I had to dedicate more time than expected to individually supporting contributors through this process on DXvote.

I will be claiming funds in this proposal in addition to my compensation. They are for DAVI testing, the txns can be found below, as well as payments I made for the Inifinte hackathon.

Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan $9.22

Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan (Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan) 23.07

Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan $1.77

Infinite Hackathon Expenses

Banners: $525.58
Infinite Stickers: $69.25
Wristbands: $230.30