Matan, DAOstack CEO <> DXdao community call

Hey everyone,

DAOstack would like to invite the DXdao community to a brainstorming and discussion session with Matan, DAOstack CEO, and take part in shaping DAOstack future strategy.

To accommodate a wide community participation we will host two calls with Matan over the next couple of days.
Wednesday 15:00 ET (Click to add to your calendar)
Thursday 15:00 ET (Click to add to your calendar)

Topics of discussion: DXdao needs, requirements, and feedback, what has DAOstack done until now, where we want to go, brainstorming a DXdao DAOstack collaboration strategy, and AMA with Matan.

This is a great chance to participate in the future governance design of both DXdao and DAOstack. Collaboration and alignment will directly translate to success and benefit of both projects.