Marketing Strategy - Work Proposal

Due to the 4-product roadmap spanning the next few months, the DXdao will need a coordinated, organic, content-driven marketing strategy. The relevant pieces of this strategy will consist of:

Product Updates
Weekly Recaps
Biz Dev/Org Dev Strategy
Social Media
Upcoming Milestones in Consider:

Mesa Challenge ending July 15: Mesa, while still in beta, is our most public product. We as an organization are challenged with bringing $20M of trading activity to this platform, with the reward of a sizable bounty. While this is not make or break for our future, it would be a huge capital W if we could prevail. The boost in morale for our community would be substantial, and it would prove to the DeFi universe what the DXdao is capable of. We have less than 60 days to capitalize on the momentum we are gaining with the raise, and need to give direction to our newcomers who are intrigued by this movement and wish to help.

Omen: This can be our flagship, 100% DX-developed product. While the current version is more than sufficient to launch as is, it is releasing with vast improvements 4-8 weeks from now.

In addition, we have Mix.eth as well as dxSwap following close behind.

Clearly this is not a one-man job. However, I propose to oversee this element of our organization and bear the responsibility of making sure we execute on all accounts.

To follow John Kelleher’s developer proposal format, my ask is

  • 45-day full-time (40hs/week) engagement from @Ingalandia at $2500/Month Salary
  • 1% REP issuance

Starting May 18, 2020
Proof of past work:
OpenRaise article, May 9
Mesa article, drafted May 18, and being reviewed by the Gnosis team
Though this proposal may pass in 10-14 days, I have already begun work.

  • 50% of the USD payment from the full-time agreements to be sent upfront in this proposal In ETH (1875 USD)

  • 50% of the USD payment from full-time agreements to be sent at the time the work agreement finishes in ETH (1875 USD), which means that the payment proposal will be created a week in advance (24/06/20).

  • 1% Reputation distribution to be done directly to @Ingalandia, sent at the time the work agreement finishes, which means that the REP issuance proposal will be created a week in advance (25/07/20).

  • New marketing contractor fund ETH and REP will be distributed through one or more proposals submitted with cryptographic signatures of @Ingalandia.

Marketing Contractor Fund

The marketing fund for this proposal will be 1500 USD and 1% REP that would be claimable only by users who can verify the Twitter or email account ownership used for their collaboration and they will have to provide cryptographic signatures that corroborate the collaboration from @Ingalandia.

Interested content creators and designers should join the #BizDev chat room in our keybase community, introduce themselves and communicate on what they will be working on. The intention is to build a team of talented creatives to help DXdao deliver on-brand user engagements and gain the confidence of the DeFi, Ethereum, blockchain, and tech communities.


A much needed position in our growing community :slight_smile:
Two things are missing, starting date of the agreement and it would be good to know (not a requirement) to know how much REP was issued in your past proposals.

I guess the marketing contractor fund is to give you a hand on this, which makes sense.

Also can you share your github, twitter account or social accounts that we should follow you to keep up to date on whats happening?


Thanks for the feedback Augusto. I would like this to start immediately, though I do not know if retroactive days from the proposal are counted. Still new to proposals, as I technically have not passed one yet.

So far I’ve made 4 proposals, one of which I expect to fail. The total proposed REP from the ones I expect to pass is 3250 REP.


I support your proposal @ingalandia. I’d like to be involved with some of the social, marketing and community management with relevant experience as a comms manager for an Australian bank and blockchain stakeholder communications. Let’s get in touch when your proposal goes through, as I’m still getting my head around the mechanism and not skilled up enough to write my own as yet.


I support this great proposal! Currently a few developers do take care of some communication which leads to not having time to actually work on products. Giving away this forced responsibility because someone needed to do it at the beginning is necessary and very welcomed.

It is also great to see that @omasque wants to join. Looks like a great team for the Dxdao is emerging here.


Awesome stuff, would love to help in any way I can, I’ve got quite a lot of knowledge in DAOstack itself.
Maybe to start we can have a weekly call?

I also have an idea for a decentralized marketing scheme based on competition scheme, this needs a bit more baking, and not really urgent but here are some initial thoughts.

The goal is to create an exponential feedback loop of devs, dao members, and contributors who push the dxDAO platform forward

How this works,

  • The DAO commits to X amount of ETH (And rep?) to distribute between N number of “marketers” (Weekly/Monthly)
  • Every (week / month), “marketers” who have done promotional work for the dxDAO can submit their proof and metrics or results from that activity
  • You can submit any action that brings in developers, designers, builders, investors, etc into the dxDAO, and / or promotes any of the DXdao products with tangible evidence of trading volume / benefit to DXdao.
  • DAO members will vote on the best N promotional activities, and those will split the committed ETH amount.

This process creates a bounty “commitment” for marketing activity, but within a competition. This means that not all submissions will win the ETH / Rep reward, but the dxDAO will benefit from the total marketing created by those submissions.


I made a couple of edits here, to show that my work has started long before the beginning date, but I did not want to go too far back, so I wanted to go to the last content piece as a start date.

I hope this clarifies things so people are ok with the dates before this goes to Alchemy.


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I spent a good deal of time on the Telegram today, then exited most of my position after being told that the marketing materials showing a $DXD holder claiming their DutchX profit share in Eth was just a “mockup” and the “decision changed” at some point to no longer offer profit share.

No one seemed to think this is misleading investors, but further, no one really sees that you’re misleading investors by claiming a utility token does what a security does. That’s really shaky legal ground for me, the white paper, FAQ, and “mockups” all state that profits will be shared by $DXD token holders, when in fact profits are used to rebuy $DXD to pump the price.

Good luck with the Dao, I still hold a small stack of $DXD, but I want no more part of proceedings as the whole concept has been weighed down with this kind of baggage before it even got off the ground. At best this leads to a BOMB like token where the economics are just about not being the last one holding the bag, instead of incentivising long term investment–financial and otherwise.

Digging your work and activity in the community!


Hey there,

As mentioned on this week’s bizdev call, I believe the amount you are proposing is far too little for a full-time marketing manager role. A cursory look at a full-time marketing manager salary shows that $5000 is a more accurate market rate.

I believe that now that there is funding, folks working for the DAO should get in the habit of compensating themselves appropriately for their time. Like any recruiting strategy, I believe this is the only way the DXdao will attract, keep and develop a talented and loyal network of contractors.


This proposal was an excellent idea and should be used as a template for creating other committees for servicing other dxDao functions.


Thanks for giving feedback @ethereal ! Looking foward seeing a proposal by you :slight_smile: