Make DXdao Chinese Community Great Again Proposal MCGA!

In the past year, DxDAO Chinese Community Lost contact

I plan to rebuild a strong Chinese community
This has many benefits

  1. Cheap and sufficient labor resources

  2. Potential Chinese crypto user market

  3. A more international community

Given the important role of shareholding workers in the DxDAO community.
I plan to recruit less than 5 Chinese employees as the cornerstone of the community.
I will submit my worker proposal later.
I very much agree with “we should find people interested in decentralized governance and DeFi.”
The Chinese community should maintain the same values as the international community
I think it is necessary to hire translators to close the distance between the international community and the Chinese community. Language barriers should not be a limitation.
Hope everyone gives suggestions


The working conditions of DxDAO are very attractive to top developers in China
Reasonable working hours Developers in China may work at least 64 hours
This is called “996”
Higher hourly salary The salary for 40 hours of work is slightly higher than the Chinese company’s salary
Greatly reduce the cost of living. Most of China’s high-paying Internet companies are located in the city center where housing prices are extremely high.
Remote work is very attractive
But DxDAO’s popularity in China is not enough to let these people understand these superior conditions
I plan to use social media and recruitment software to inform them

Hi @ChBro, this is an interesting idea, but there are also a lot of challenges.

Here are some of the challenges:

  • Chinese contributors being in the opposite time zone from most of the rest of the DAO makes real-time collaboration difficult if not impossible
  • Contributors must speak English to participate effectively. Needing a translator isn’t an efficient or practical way to get work done unless they were working separately on their own self-contained project

Noting the challenges, here’s my suggestion:

  • Create bounties for specific things that DXdao needs coded which could reasonably be done by someone working separately from the regular team. I.E., create a standalone analytics dashboard, UI, etc.
  • These bounties will more easily be able to be completed by anyone in the world including China, and won’t require the English skills that a contributor would otherwise need to effectively participate in meetings and discussion
  • A translator contributor could translate the bounties to Chinese, and be responsible for recruiting reliable Chinese developers to complete the bounties, which sounds similar to what @ChBro is proposing
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Good idea. Compared with hiring a full-time staff, a DAO posting bounty tasks to the Chinese community can attract more attention. Can be combined with DXdao marketing

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Given the popularity of Chinese in the world, I think there is a high probability that someone in the Chinese community will complete this bounty.
I think it is very important for potential users with language barriers to integrate into DXdao. Two DAOs should not be formed.