Madusha Prasanjith - Worker Proposal, 07/06/2021 - 06/07/2021

Madusha - Contributor Proposal [07/06/2021 - 06/07/2021]


I was very intrigued by the concept of DAOs and was following DAOs building on Ethereum L2 solutions, when I found DXdao. After realizing DXdao is a good fit for me, I decided to join the Keybase. I was approached by Melanie and had a talk with Martin regarding contributing to Mesa.

I have been developing full-stack web applications on React, Node.js, Java Spring and related frameworks and technologies for more than 3 years. Although I’ve been working in the education domain so far, I’ve been very interested in fintech since last year.

I’ve been following crypto and decentralized tech space since 2018, on-and-off with the limited time I had as I was juggling between work and studies. But now I am aligning my career path towards Web3 development. I will be contributing part-time due to my current day-job, but have plans to move full-time once I have the flexibility to do so.

1 month or 40 hours. (whichever comes first)

Proposed Scope of Contribution

  • Goals:
    • Work on the current roadmap for the Mesa pre-production MVP release.
    • Work on additional features for Mesa after MVP.
    • Learn more about DXdao and DAOs in general
    • Gain valuable insights and knowledge on Blockchain and Web3 development
  • Responsibilities:
    • Collaborate with Mesa team members to understand and improve the application
    • Here are some of the tasks I’ve been working on:
      • IPFS Integration for loading sale details on Mesa: #247 and #250
      • Various tweaks and bug-fixes on Mesa UI: #216, #225, #228

Time commitment - Part-time trial period

  • I will be completing the trial period over 1 month or 40 hours. (whichever comes first) Afterwards, I will make a proposal for the next 2 months, part-time at 15-20 hours per week.

  • The next proposal will have more detailed insights into my responsibilities and time commitment. These are being tracked with Martin and the Mesa team.


Experience Level: 2

  • Salary - Calculated from full time 40hr week at trial 50% rate:
    • $625 DAI for trial period ($1250 * 50%)
    • 0.72 DXD for trial period (1.43 * 50%) in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff when the work agreement finishes (06/07/2021)
    • 293.8 REP for trial period (587.7 * 50%)

Work Experience

  • 3+ years as a full-stack web developer at Pearson
  • Github

Thank you Madusha!

Madusha started to contribute and is a good addition to the team, see what he is working on in the linked issues above :arrow_up:.


Madusha has been a great addition to the team.