Madusha - Contributor Proposal [27/06/2021 - 26/08/2021]

Background and Self-Reflection:

I successfully completed my trial period at DXdao. It has been a great experience so far, and the Aqua team has provided positive feedback. This has been my first work experience at a DAO and in the crypto domain, and it’s been nothing short of amazing.

Due to current work obligations at my full-time role, I will be continuing part-time for the current proposal period. In the future, I’ll be gradually increasing my time availability, with the goal of going full-time.

In the trial period, I was quite focused on the front-end development efforts of Aqua. This included work on the fixed-price sale user interface, IPFS integration, user feedback collection tools, as well as UX improvements around communicating sale mechanics.

For the trial period, I wasn’t very engaged with the smart contract development of Aqua. Over the next weeks, I hope to work more on smart contracts, as gaining experience in smart contract development was one of my key goals in joining DXdao. I will also continue to work on the front-end and overall user experience improvements.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll also improve my engagement with the DAO governance. I tend to usually be a bit silent and observe before I start engaging with communities. It will gradually improve as I continue working with the community and adopt.


2 Months or 120 hours (Whichever is reached first)

Proposed Scope of Contribution

  • Goals:
    • Work on the current roadmap for Aqua, and stabilize Fixed-Price sales on the platform.
    • Build the Fair Sale user experience with the team.
    • Work on additional features for Aqua, for example implementing additional wallet integrations.
    • Increasingly engage with smart contract development, and work across the whole stack.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Collaborate with Aqua team members to improve the platform
    • Work with the team in keeping the development on-track, especially during Martin’ unavailability due to the ongoing governance process

Time commitment

  • Part-time
  • I completed my trial period of 40 hours with an average of about 15-20 hours per week. Based on that, I will use 15 hours per week as the estimated commitment, but the actual commitment might be higher.
  • Time tracking will continue as earlier, in a spreadsheet with the Aqua team.


  • Experience Level: 3

  • Salary - Calculated from 37.5% rate, at 80% from full salary:

  • $3600 DAI ($1800 * 2 months), to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal

  • 4.58 DXD (2.29 * 2 months) in a vesting contract continuously for two years with a one year cliff, when the work agreement finishes (26/8/21)

  • 1564 REP (782 * 2 months), to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal

This proposal falls under the current Contributor Guidelines, enacted on February 17, 2021.

Should DXdao approve any changes to the Contributor Guidelines Compensation Structure that go into effect during my stated contract period, I reserve the right to introduce a new DAOtalk post and on-chain proposal to adjust the above stated compensation amounts to reflect the new compensation structure.

I am aware that any change in my compensation level must be reviewed and approved by my squad, squad leader, and the Contributor UX leader, before I can make a new proposal for this change in compensation.

Work Experience


The first half of the proposal is live on Alchemy for voting: Alchemy | DAOstack

A retrospective

My second worker proposal period at DXdao is nearing the end. I continued to work part-time in the past two months as part of the Aqua team.

The past months have seen big changes in how we organize our work, with Martin shifting away from his role, and a number of new contributors joining in including myself. With all the changes, the Aqua team consistently pushed to get the MVP scope completed, and we’ve reached a point where it’s pretty much ready.

Over the past two months, I was engaged on front-end development efforts of Aqua, as well as some minor subgraph and SDK changes. This included:

  • A refactor on how Aqua handles network switching and wallet connectivity
  • Setting up deployment pipelines to IPFS / Filecoin
  • Work on integrating new smart contracts and subgraph v0.1.1 to UI
  • Many UI/UX improvements to Aqua UI
  • Rinkeby deployment work for smart contracts and subgraph
  • The roadmap for Aqua

I worked closely with everyone in the Aqua team to keep work going as smoothly as we could. I’m also glad to see the decentralized deployment pipelines that were implemented for Aqua now being adopted by other teams as well.

My availability hasn’t been stellar throughout the period, as I’m shuffling between my day-job and DXdao. While I met the number of work hours I set in my proposal (120 hours), I expected to contribute quite a bit more when I initially wrote it. I’ve already given notice to my current workplace, and will be moving to DXdao full-time at the start of October, which hopefully would solve this.

Time Sheet


Madusha has done an amazing job over the past 2 months and really helped push Aqua into the state it is currently in. Despite the time zone difference and part time work you were almost always available. Cant wait to have you on the team full time!


Madusha has been an excellent addition to the team, he’s quickly been able to contribute and has even been able to innovate such that other squads have picked up new information from him. I will be looking forward to Madusha going full time soon.


My second half proposal for July/August is up on Alchemy.