Madusha - Contributor Proposal [01/07/2022 - 30/08/2022]

Background and Self-Reflection

It’s been a year since I started contributing to DXdao (Time flies!). I’m very grateful to all of you, for being so supportive no matter what. DXdao is genuinely one of the most inspiring and motivating communities to work in. Traditional companies can’t hold a candle to a true DAO!

The DXgov squad continued to focus on Project DAVI during the past few months. We have done large improvements to our codebase and processes and also sent the smart contracts for auditing. A retrospective on the past proposal period can be found here, which goes into more detail.

In the current proposal period, the focus will continue to remain on DAVI. We have an upcoming re-audit of the smart contracts and plan to start working on the next milestones in the DXgov roadmap.

Proposed Scope of Contribution

1. Goals:

  • Continue supporting DAVI development and refactoring efforts.
  • Investigate and fix any bugs encountered during QA testing.
  • Help implement the social layer of DAVI, powered by Orbis.
  • Fix any remaining smart contract issues and possibly start working on the next release of DXdao contracts.
  • Help improve the developer experience and overall code quality.

2. Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with DXgov members to build and improve our governance products.
  • Keep DXvote development efforts on-track, according to the Attack Plan.
  • Actively engage in improving the developer experience and ways of working.

Time commitment

  • 80% availability.
  • I will be moving to Europe within this proposal period. I’m reducing my availability to 80% as I expect some impact from travel plans.


Experience Level: 5

  • $11200 ($7000 * 0.8 * 2) to be sent half on the first payment proposal, and half on the second payment proposal
  • $8000 DXD ($5000 * 0.8 * 2) vested for three years
  • 0.26672% REP (0.1667 * 0.8 * 2), to be sent half on the first payment proposal, and half on the second payment proposal

Work Experience

  1. Past Proposals
  1. My PRs from the last proposal period can be found on dxvote, DAVI and contracts repositories.
  2. 4 years as a full-stack web developer at Pearson Education

A Retrospective

The past two months were spent on making DAVI ready to go-live. We focused on improving the performance and user experience of the app, with a more polished user interface and a more performant data fetching layer. DAVI went through a feature freeze in August, to solidify the codebase for a release.

I was also involved in refactoring the old DAOstack contracts. The new contracts will be replacing our existing DXdao contracts soon and will pave way for gov 2.0. Kudos to @AugustoL for providing mentorship and guidance to the team!

On a personal note, I was working from India since the start of this proposal period, with plans to move to Sweden towards August. The visa process has taken considerably more time than I anticipated, but I’ll still be moving soon. I must thank the DXgov squad for being accommodating towards my changing availability!

Did well:

  • Supporting DAVI development efforts, with a large refactor in our data fetching layer, adding support for native token transfers and supporting the feature freeze.
  • Work on the next generation of DXdao contracts.
  • Collaborating with the team members on planning and brainstorming.

Improve on

  • While my India move has been great for me mentally, I’m still working on improving my productivity. I received a lot of great feedback in the contributor reviews regarding this and will continue to work on those suggestions.
  • I missed a bunch of meetings after the move to India while I was trying to change my schedule. Things have recovered a bit, but until I settle down these problems might continue to happen. Apologies!

Work completed


  • $5600 ($7000 * 0.8) DAI to be sent on the second payment proposal
  • $4000 DXD ($5000 * 0.8) in a vesting contract continuously for three years
  • 0.13336% REP (0.1667% * 0.8), to be sent on the second payment proposal

Madusha is a great and valuable team member of DxGov. He’s pushing the codebase and the ideas to the next level and is always eager to share his knowledge. He’s also very humble and a good cultural fit. During these times of change for him, he still managed to contribute with a lot of valuable insights. Happy to be working with Madusha!