Madusha - Contributor Proposal [01/05/2022 - 30/06/2022]

Background and Self-Reflection

The DXgov squad has been focused on implementing Guilds during the past months. A retrospective on my past proposal period can be found here. Within the current proposal period, the plan is to start refactoring DXvote, integrating the new Guilds UI and a better cache implementation.

Proposed Scope of Contribution

I will continue to work on shipping Guilds and will contribute to the DXvote refactoring efforts.

  1. Goals:
  • Continue supporting the Guilds development, finishing up remaining work and fixing any bugs we find in testing.
  • Work on refactoring the DXvote user interface and caching implementation. We will be integrating the new Guilds UI into DXvote. The cache implementation will be rebuilt, with a focus on maintainability, loading speeds and efficiency.
  • Improve the developer experience and overall code quality.
  1. Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with DXgov members to build and improve our governance products.
  • Keep DXvote development efforts on-track, according to the Attack Plan.
  • Actively engage in improving the Guilds developer experience and ways of working.

Time commitment

  • Full-time (40 hours / week)
  • I’m currently planning a move to Europe in the latter half of the year. I’m unsure how the visa process for this will affect the hours I will be able to work. If it is significantly affected, I will be reducing the number of hours I request payment for, in the second half of my proposal.


Experience Level: 5

  • $14000 ($7000 * 2) to be sent half on the first payment proposal, and half on the second payment proposal
  • $10000 DXD ($5000 * 2) vested for three years
  • 0.3334% REP (0.1667 * 2), to be sent half on the first payment proposal, and half on the second payment proposal

Work Experience

  1. Past Proposals
  1. My PRs from the last proposal period can be found here.
  2. 4 years as a full-stack web developer at Pearson Education

A Retrospective

The past couple months were heavily focused on solidifying the foundations of DXgov apps. As a part of this, we decided to refactor a lot of code in the guilds frontend. We split Guilds, which was part of DXvote codebase, out into a new project for better maintainability (Codename: DAVI. I can finally stop referring to it as the new guilds UI!).

We focused a lot on improving developer experience and code quality, with proper unit and integration testing processes. Storybook was introduced as a valuable developer documentation tool and has already made things easier to develop React components.

We also received the results of the guilds smart contracts audit from Sigma Prime. The last few weeks of this proposal period was focused on fixing smart contract issues found.

Personally, my availability and productivity fell off a cliff in May / early-June due to migration plans. It has recovered a bit now, but I expect the migration to take a significant chunk of my time in the next few months as well. (Probably ~15-20%)

Did well:

  • Supporting the refactoring efforts. While my availability wasn’t great, I feel I could positively contribute to the direction we took on refactoring.
  • Smart contract fixes. We were able to get many smart contract issues resolved pretty quickly. I expect the code to be ready to be re-audited in a couple of weeks.
  • Collaborating with the team members on brainstorming. We had many sessions to discuss the refactoring strategy and to discuss future plans on caching etc.

Improve on

  • Communicating my availability with the team. The logistics of my migration meant I had to rush a lot of things at the last minute. This reflected in my communications as well. Going forward hopefully I’d be able to communicate my unavailability in advance so the sprints can be planned with minimum impact.
  • Productivity and availability. I’m already working on improving my productivity. I expect my availability to be reduced for the next few months as well, but will communicate this in advance as mentioned above.

Work completed


I am dropping down my compensation to 70% which I believe better reflects the availability I had.

  • $4900 ($7000 * 0.7) DAI to be sent on the second payment proposal

  • $3500 DXD ($5000 * 0.7) in a vesting contract continuously for three years, when the work agreement finishes (30/06/22)

  • 0.11669% REP (0.1667% * 0.7), to be sent on the second payment proposal


Great to have you as part of the DXgov squad. Lots of exciting stuff going on and you’ve been an integral part of the team. Hope everything goes well with moving to Europe!