Machina Worker Payout Proposal -- March & April 2021 (Past Work)

Omen Tokenomics, Marketing & Strategy

My partner @Tammy and I worked jointly for DXdao until March 2021, at which point she transitioned into a General Counsel position for DXdao.

Recently, I spent the bulk of my time on the OMN token launch. I also helped with marketing and social media.

This proposal is for past work done. Going forward, I will wind down my involvement with DXdao while doing my best to see through started initiatives. May stick around as an activist investor thereafter.

The goals were:

  • Lead tokenomics and marketing initiatives for OMN token launch
  • Support a successful Omen on xDai transit with marketing
  • Get Omen to #1 in prediction market mind share
  • Help DXdao own the DAO conversation
  • Make DXdao more accessible to non-hardcore crypto users


  • Lead OMN tokenomics working group alongside @tammy – final draft
  • Supported DXD Buyback strategy with economics
  • Omen Medium & Twitter posts / articles
  • Contributed to the DXdao Twitter. Crafted high engagement twitter threads.
  • Personal Guerilla type Omen twitter efforts

Almost delivered:

  • Was close on landing Swapr’s first DIY liq mining client. Timing didn’t work out
  • Hired video animation artist on own dime for extra marketing collateral. Didn’t pan out
  • Pushed for the need of an Omen landing page and negotiated many quotes. Left out of final decision
  • Jumped in to help out with Entrecasa direction. Left out of ongoing efforts

In Progress

  • Some remaining OMN tokenomics details
  • Gnosis / Omen partnership & liq mining negotiations
  • Collaborate with video contractor to deliver Omen intro video

Won’t pursue further / passing on to someone else:

  • Run Twitter along with mostly @KeenanL
  • Prepare longer form medium article series alongside content writer
  • Bring in content & marketing support
  • Push for monthly marketing budget multisig
  • Guerilla & PR: Brainstorm & coordinate out-of-the-box campaigns
  • Find the angle of our story that is able to gap the divide and land press in tech and business journals outside of crypto


  • would have liked to contribute more to marketing, but the funnel to getting access was tedious and once in, continued to receive pushback

  • Got caught up in wider strategic discussions when I could have focused more on narrower personal deliverables

  • Was too nice about taking ownership of tasks for which I had the most relevant experience


According to the DXdao Contributor Guidelines, a worker with expert level experience at level 5, total compensation would be $8,000 worth of ETH and $6,000 worth of DXD per month. I’m asking for 70% time commitment at Level 5.

  • 11200 USD to be paid in DAI once the payout proposal gets approved.

  • 8400 USD to be paid in DXD vesting over 24 months with a 12 month cliff, based on the all-time high of DXD ( of $523.77(8,400 USD / 523.77 = 16.04 DXD). The vesting/lockup contract will use 01/03/2021 as the starting date of the vesting.

  • 0.2334% REP


Thank you for all your contributions to Omen, Marketing and DXdao :clap: @pulpmachina Your contributions have been vital to our growth :hugs:


Which medium posts/articles?

I recently got a quote for the Omen landing page after months of no results. You’re also in the chat with everyone working on this so don’t understand in which way you were left out of a decision. Also curious why the video animation didn’t work out?

How do you arrive at level 5? I trust you have plenty of real world experience but it’s not verifiable here and I don’t see how the results here could be considered a level 5 contribution.

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As the product lead of Omen and who has been part of the OMN tokeneconomics working group my impression was that @Tammy actually lead the working group. I know you had responsibilities around the token distribution which you successfully delivered.

Could you go into specifics what you delivered on the DXD Buyback strategy?

I think overall the Omen Medium & Twitter was pretty quite on March & April so I am currently skeptical about voting positive on your proposal mainly because it would not be fair to all full time level 5 experience workers who are working very hard to create value around all DXdao products.

This was for Omen & DXdao Social Media stuff. Too many revisions were needed to get to the design quality I seek. Paid 800 DAI out of my own pocket. Not requesting reimbursement.

Brought in at least 3 quotes from design agencies of all budget types. You preferred to hire your contact for 24k (a landing page!) and pushed your preference through on a call I wasn’t invited to. The decision to go with your choice was relayed in the chat. Would have made sense to include me in the meeting, since we were working off of my landing page draft, and I was going to be the contact person.

If I had only focused on delivering liquidity mining economics as a part-time contractor, a major element of any token issuance and just one of many deliverables, DXdao would still have gotten a deal compared to my typical rate (40k+) with other start-ups. Based on your comparison, you’re splitting hairs over paying me approximately 20K for tokenomics + a bunch of other stuff vs 24k for a landing page.

The details of the tokenomics will need to be fine tuned over the next month, which is why I intended to stay on. Expanding the airdrop program, for example. Going forward, it would be useful to more clearly delegate responsibilities and work better as a team.

This is not how the DXdao usually works. Potential workers are not waiting to get clear responsibilities delegated but rather worker proposing ownership/responsibilities themself which will get approved by the collective.

You did not get approved by the DXdao as a worker and are now facing the issue that you are requesting compensation for your work done in advance. I believe the compensation is way to much for what was delivered. We had a similar situation with @AugustoL but he accepted the feedback which was given and reduced his salary accordingly.


Pursuant to discussions with @corkus and @JohnKelleher, I’ve adjusted this proposal down to 70% time commitment at Level 5. I will submit an Alchemy proposal within 24h. If anyone needs a more detailed breakdown to inform their vote please let me know.

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