Listing DXD on

Dear community members,
This is Dean from which got invested from Huobi , Okex, YinTai ( Alibaba is LP ) and Sequoia Capital.
I am writing here to post a listing corporations with this great community. If we can gather DXD worth of 5K usdt and some holders can come to provide market making through grid trade system. We can list DXD on

This is my tele ID @Deanedge
Feel free to contact with me.


Hi @Dean,

You can make a proposal if you wish, but I doubt it’d be accepted. DEXes are way more interesting to decentralized projects than washtrading exchanges (just look at pairs doing multimillions of volume without liquidity

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your exchange seems pretty fake with reported over a billion $ volume on both spot Ether and Bitcoin markets, significantly higher than Coinbase, hard to believe.

i’d vote to delete this post.


thats really fake volume

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We have more than 280 SaaS partners, which means more than 280 exchanges are trading in one system. That’s why the volume is high. If you don’t believe, you can easily sell or buy 100 BTC on it. Facts tell the truth.

read what I answered above

The reason I’ve replied to CLCL above. You can have a check. But I do have a question to ask you guys. If you can trade one token both on dex and cex, why should we prefer dex rather than cex which provides customer services, activities, cash in/out gateway and so on?

Yeah, I think we’re gonna see more scammers (fake volume is a criminal offense and we recently had 2 exchanged sued for it included one where the authorities sized the entire exchange) like that. I think for obviously scammy request to delete the posts unless an official proposal is submitted (because it costs some gas and require to be able to interact with Ethereum that would weed out 90% of the scams).