Listing all currently registered tokens from the Gnosis Protocol on Mesa.eth

Hey everyone,

if we want to win the Mesa.eth - Incentivised trading campaign we need to do everything we can to increase the trading volume on the Gnosis Protocol. With that I am proposing to add all registered tokens from the Gnosis Protocol on Mesa.eth.

Tokens which are added on the Gnosis Protocol and are not listed on Mesa:
GEN - 0x543ff227f64aa17ea132bf9886cab5db55dcaddf
oETH $100 - 0x6c79f10543c7886c6946b8a996f824e474bac8f2
GRID - 0x12b19d3e2ccc14da04fae33e63652ce469b3f2fd (Already as a proposal live)
MKR - 0x9f8f72aa9304c8b593d555f12ef6589cc3a579a2
LINK - 0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca
TAU - 0xc27a2f05fa577a83ba0fdb4c38443c0718356501
SNGL - 0xaec2e87e0a235266d9c5adc9deb4b2e29b54d009
DZAR - 0x9cb2f26a23b8d89973f08c957c4d7cdf75cd341c
TRYb - 0x2c537e5624e4af88a7ae4060c022609376c8d0eb
RPL - 0xb4efd85c19999d84251304bda99e90b92300bd93
PARETO - 0xea5f88e54d982cbb0c441cde4e79bc305e5b43bc
aUSDC - 0x9ba00d6856a4edf4665bca2c2309936572473b7e
aSUSD - 0x625ae63000f46200499120b906716420bd059240
aTUSD - 0x4da9b813057d04baef4e5800e36083717b4a0341
aUSDT - 0x71fc860f7d3a592a4a98740e39db31d25db65ae8
aETH - 0x3a3a65aab0dd2a17e3f1947ba16138cd37d08c04
aBAT - 0xe1ba0fb44ccb0d11b80f92f4f8ed94ca3ff51d00
aKNC - 0x9d91be44c06d373a8a226e1f3b146956083803eb
aLEND - 0x7d2d3688df45ce7c552e19c27e007673da9204b8
aLINK - 0xa64bd6c70cb9051f6a9ba1f163fdc07e0dfb5f84
aMANA - 0x6fce4a401b6b80ace52baaefe4421bd188e76f6f
aMKR - 0x7deb5e830be29f91e298ba5ff1356bb7f8146998
aSNX - 0x328c4c80bc7aca0834db37e6600a6c49e12da4de
BAT - 0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef
PAXG - 0x45804880de22913dafe09f4980848ece6ecbaf78
PAN - 0xd56dac73a4d6766464b38ec6d91eb45ce7457c44
BTU - 0xb683d83a532e2cb7dfa5275eed3698436371cc9f
bDAI - 0x6a4FFAafa8DD400676Df8076AD6c724867b0e2e8

I propose as long as the challenge is on going, we need to update the UI as frequently as possible to add all possible tokens to Mesa to increase the total trading volume.


I tend to agree the dxDAO should update the UI rapidly to enable easy access to trade any token.
In the longer term I think we should have guidelines for listing and de-listing tokens from the UI to prevent downright fraud and generally have some control over this process.


just a word of caution.
There are some tokens that have compatibility issues with DEXs in general or with Gnosis Protocol specifically.

All aTokens implement interest different than CHAI or cDAI. While in CHAI or cDAI simple the value of CHAI increases over time (in relation to DAI) in aDAI the ratio stays 1:1 but the balance of the account increases.

In case of GP - if a user deposits 100 aDAI he will get credited 100aDAI in GP. In the next moment GP will however hold 100.001 aDAI. However - the user balance (stored in the GP contract) will still just be 100. Effectively the GP holds now more token than all the user balances together. That means the interest is lost.

PAXG has the opposite problem. It has a built in transfer fee.
If a user deposits 100 PAXG the GP will credit this user 100 PAXG - however - because of the transfer fee the GP will only receive e.g. 99.5 PAXG. This means that the sum of all user balances it bigger than what the protocol actually holds. This means the last person withdrawing will not be able to do it.

Finally there are tokens like the oETH option that might represent an option that is already expired - so not relevant for trading. All in all I think a minimum level of curation is needed. Otherwise the interface will be overwhelmed with tokens that are useless/ can not really be traded or have other issues.


For aTokens, losing the interests does seem so bad, but without them there doesn’t seem to be a lot of reasons to support them.

For tokens like PAXG it is definitely an issue and tokens like this are incompatible and shouldn’t be added either.

I did cross reference this list with the list of tokens having an ERC20 badge on and the one I personally know to be ERC20 and this leads to this list.

GEN - 0x543ff227f64aa17ea132bf9886cab5db55dcaddf
GRID - 0x12b19d3e2ccc14da04fae33e63652ce469b3f2fd
MKR - 0x9f8f72aa9304c8b593d555f12ef6589cc3a579a2
LINK - 0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca
DZAR - 0x9cb2f26a23b8d89973f08c957c4d7cdf75cd341c
RPL - 0xb4efd85c19999d84251304bda99e90b92300bd93
BAT - 0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef

Note that adding incompatible tokens is a really serious problem as it led to BNB being stucked in Uniswap and imBTC being stolen on uniswap (300k$ loss).

If you would like to also use the Token² Curated Registry to filter for compatible tokens, I’d be happy to help.