List of speakers for DAO events and meetups

Do you have a talk or workshop? would you like to be part of a list of speakers that would circulate in our ecosystem from which people could request your availability to be part of meetups, events, and conferences?
This initiative is part of a meetup working group and the list of speakers was suggested by @Luuk, you can find and collaborate with other action items here
Please use the following structure to submit your profile to this list as a reply to this thread.

  • Name
  • Title of your talk/ workshop/ expertise
  • Short description
  • Short bio
  • Links to previous talks if available
  • Other links that you would like to share if any
  • Picture
  • Where are you based
  • What languages do you speak
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Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany
Workshops and talks:

  • Workshops on decentralized decision-making, communications, tools for collaborative decision-making, and mindset training for people to shift from competitive to collaborative thinking.
  • Talks on the state of decentralized governance and how DAO tech is being used today (and what is missing).

Brief bio:

  • Expert in practicalities of how to lead a decentralized/distributed organization, writer of the first leadership handbook specifically for the crypto industry: So You’ve Got a DAO (
  • Participant in dGov, Genesis DAO (DAOstack).
  • Founder of, which produced more than 100 whitepapers for ICOs and STOs. Tokenization and governance advisory.
  • Advisor to several ICOs including,,
  • 30 years in technology industries as a writer, manager, and entrepreneur.
  • Founder / CEO of 3 profitable service businesses in the tech space.


  • List item

The State of DAO Governance: on-chain governance today. (

Based in: Slovenia
Languages: English, Hebrew

  1. Jocelyn / jossbot
  2. :zap: == How to download ideas from yourself == :zap:
  3. A healthy mix of empathy, ideation processes, algorithms, oraclery, installations, and artifacts to download your mind onto a ‘thing’.
  4. Woman, oracle, curandera. Mexican-born American artist living in Scandinavia and whose home was the Internet.
  5. The DAOstack Musaeum of Unfinished Ideas & soon Reshaping Work Barcelona, where we’ll build a dream donation station for scientists and policy makers based in this method.
  7. I’m unhappy with the need for this question but: <>
  8. Scandinavia mostly + Internet
  9. Spanish, English, French and a few others yet not as well.
  • Name: Theo Dounas
  • Title of your talk/ workshop/ expertise:
    Blockchain in the Built Environment, Blockchain and Building Information Modeling & IoT
  • Short description
    architect and researcher
  • Short bio
    Theodoros Dounas is an award-winning chartered architect and academic, investigating in blockchain & computation and fabrication in architecture and design, with practice experience in complex buildings of all scales. He has been practising since 2004 with buildings, studies and competitions undertaken all over the world but mainly in Greece and China. He is the founding partner of the studio ‘Adventurous Architecture’. He is currently Learning Excellence Leader at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment in Aberdeen, Scotland.

He lived and worked in China for six years where he was one of the founding members of a new school of Architecture in Suzhou. He has been teaching in architecture schools and colleges in Europe and China for 13 years and has experience with basic and applied research in architectural design. His design and research work has been published internationally and he has received awards for teaching, research and architectural design. His main research deals with fabrication methods and conceptual computer generative tools in architectural design.


Nice profile, Good know that so much experience. can we connect and share each other knowledge

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Name: Mark Pascall
Workshops and talks:

I specialise in conference or in-house company presentations/talks/workshops/courses that help people (generally senior non-technical business people but could be anybody) outside of the blockchain/crypto/dao community to understand this new world. I tend to start from the basics (what is a blockchain/cryptocurrency) and flow through to DAOs and new forms of governance. After many years of experience I’d like to think I’m pretty good at explaining the complex stuff in an easy to understand and engaging way.

Mark is passionate about all things decentralised and blockchain. He is currently Executive Director of BlockchainNZ and co-founder of (a team based out of New Zealand, providing a range of services including consulting, conference speaking, courses and development currently mostly in the DAOStack and Aragon platforms). He founded, co-founded, has presented at over 30 conferences on blockchain related topics, has been a Blockchain trainer at Tech Futures Lab and was part of the SingularityU New Zealand local faculty training. In 2017 he spent the week showing Vitalik and Andreas around New Zealand. He was recently featured in He is currently organising

Some previous talks:


Based in New Zealand but regularly travel the world.
Afraid only speak english.

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