Levotiate - Vested DXD claim

This proposal claims 37.67 DXD that has vested to me for worker proposals from Feb 2021 to Dec 2021.

Link to the amount of DXD vesting calculated from the proposals are in the spreadsheet : DXD 2021/2022 - Google Sheets

DXD vesting calculator based on the spreadsheet here: spreadsheet calcs

Downvoted - you are vesting 114% for Jan?

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I made several mistakes in that proposal, (even accidentally end up duplicating it), but since it was already up and the total was still less than the total dxd, just assumed it would be cheaper than to re-do the entire proposal again and claim the rest later on.

I can just re-do it again but the restructuring proposal makes the whole thing confusing.

Probably sets bad precedent.

IMO just wait for restructuring proposal to pass, then you can claim all outstanding DXD in one proposal with no calculations requires?