Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 7/2021 - 8/2021 [Draft}

This is a draft payout proposal following up this draft worker proposal:

I am rather behind on worker proposals, starting with the period of Jul 2021 - Aug 2021. I had 3 weeks of vacation time in July and August, and then things got incredibly busy for me in August and September when there were issues with the Arbitrum launch that required redeployment of the governance base. In that time frame I fell behind on keeping up with the forum and with my own worker proposals and things remained very busy through the October events in Portugal, and I am just now catching up. Timely worker proposals are critical for the DAO to operate efficiently and I will make sure to prioritize them going forward, even when things may get busier.


  • 7/1/21 - 8/31/21
  • 2 months

Things Accomplished

  • During this time I organized the weekly dev calls with some support while I was on vacation.

  • In this period I spent a good mount of time speaking to product teams in an effort to focus development activities on top priorities.

  • Coordinated with Aqua Squad on development plans and prioritization.

  • Helped coordinate Arbitrum launch plans and prepared for Arbitrum launch of Swapr and DXdao base.

  • Some early work and review on Carrot with Federico and Zett.

  • Started preparing Hats integration but got distracted by other priorities.

  • Some review of DXdocs.

  • Support in interviewing and onboarding of devs and other roles.

  • Talked on Twitter Spaces about DAOs on July 1st.

  • Recorded a podcast about DXdao with CryptoBreakdown

  • General duties like multisig transactions, security monitoring, governance, and participating in chat channels. I try to stay on top of the communication channels as I feel its important for my role in helping coordination, though trying to refine my approach to this so that it doesn’t consume too much of my time.

Things not Accomplished

  • Phil who had been doing auditing work for DXdao went dark, which prevented auditing work from moving forward during this time frame.

  • While I helped some with the review of DXdocs, I did not make much progress on helping with technical documentation. The good news is newish team leads have been helping a lot here, but still would like to give this more time in the coming months.

  • Do not feel I made much progress during this period towards improving collaboration, review, and learning between squads. Although I think the efforts made to focus efforts on a smaller number of priorities have been helpful towards this end.


Level K has already received the max amount of REP. According to the guidelines for a DXdao worker with expert level experience and a commitment level of 5, total compensation is 0.625 * 8000 = $5000 in stablecoins or ETH and 0.625 * 6000 = $3750 worth of DXD per month