Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 5/2022 - 6/2022 - LATE SUBMISSION

This is number 5 of 5 catchup proposals

1: Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 9/2021 - 10/2021 - LATE SUBMISSION

2: Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 11/2021 - 12/2021 - LATE SUBMISSION

3: Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 1/2022 - 2/2022 - LATE SUBMISSION

4: Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 3/2022 - 4/2022 - LATE SUBMISSION


I worked full time in May without vacation days. This period included attendance of MIT Bitcoin Conference May 7-8 which was a weekend. In June I took a week of vacation. I also attended Consensus in Austin in June.

  • 5/1/22 - 6/30/22

  • 2 months


  • Support Arbitrum base operations, mostly Swapr farming.

  • Organize and run weekly dev call

  • Speak on community calls and as needs and opportunities arise for public speaking

  • DXdao Multisig transactions

  • Keep up on all product chats

  • Keep up on all Discord chats and ensure users/community members’ problems with products are being addressed

  • Coordinate smart contract auditing and architecture

  • Interview new product team candidates and support onboarding

  • Support technical due diligence and review as needed across squads

  • Help DXdao prepare for Devcon


  • Continued auditing activities
    -In May Coordinated kickoff of first audit with Sigma Prime, of DXgovernance
    -In June coordinated plans for Carrot V1 audits by Sigma Prime and Omega Team
    -Audit of Curve wrapper contract
  • Spoke about DXdao at DeFi Toronto
  • Reviewed Reflexer system to better understand RAI and determine what DXdao’s course of action should be with its RAI holdings.

  • Talking to DAOhaus about DXdao to support their feature of DXdao as a “DAO of the Week” in the Gnosis Chain newsletter.

  • New contributors Philip and Velu

  • Helped preparation for hotels for Devcon6

  • Active in initial planning for DXhackathon, helping to secure venue

What I think went well

Scheduling of auditing for Carrot V1 went smoothly. And auditing busy in general.

What I think needs improvement

Lost lead dev from Space Inch as he got moved to another project. Could have tried more to keep him going with Swapr.

There is lack of clarity on Nimi’s relationship to DXdao. I feel like this could have been addressed by now, but hasn’t.


Experience Level: 8

Month one.

  • $9,000 (9000 xDAI)
  • $9,500 DXD
  • 0.1667% REP or till 4% max is reached

Month two.

  • .75 * $9,000 = 6750 (xDAI)
  • .75 * $9,500 = $7125 of DXD
  • .75 * 0.1667% = .125% REP or till 4% max is reached

The full 2 month period.

  • $15,750 (xDAI)
  • $16,625 (DXD) to be paid in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff.
  • 0.2892% (REP) up to 4% max


I have been involved with DXdao since inception, as part of Level K, involved in a variety of areas of responsibility. You can find Level K worker proposals via the governance interfaces by searching for “Level K”

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