Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 11/2021 - 12/2021 - LATE SUBMISSION

This is 2 of 5 catchup proposals

1: Level K Worker Proposal and Payout 9/2021 - 10/2021 - LATE SUBMISSION
3: TBA
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This timeframe spanned the Christmas and New Years Even holidays in the US, and with the days off between these holidays, I was working 87.5%.

  • 11/1/21 - 12/31/21

  • 2 months


  • Support Arbitrum base operations, mostly Swapr farming.

  • Organize and run weekly dev call

  • Speak on community calls and as needs and opportunities arise for public speaking

  • DXdao Multisig transactions

  • Keep up on all product chats

  • Keep up on all Discord chats and ensure users/community members’ problems with products are being addressed (shoutout to discord MVPs @KeenanL, @0xVenky, and last but definitely not least @Arhat)

  • Coordinate smart contract auditing and architecture

  • Coordinate development efforts of ETHWorks and SpaceInch

  • Interview new product team candidates and support onboarding

  • Support technical due diligence as needed across squads

  • Review and provide feedback to Pay Structure Update


  • Helped launch Carrot Alpha and coordinate Carrot Campaign with Agave
  • Working with Swapr Squad coordinated staking rewards distribution contracts audit with Omega Team, representing the first audit with Omega Team. We met one of their team in Lisbon, and it’s been an important relationship. It was relief to work with them as we unexpectedly had our previous auditor relationship discontinue, and the typical backlog for auditing firms at the time was 8 or so months.
  • Working with DXgov Squad coordinated audit of DXgovernance contracts by Team Omega
  • Initiated conversations with Sigma Prime about reserving audit time

  • Initial due diligence with Karma

  • Working with Augur team on their announcement to work with DXdao. They first reached out to me in October and I worked with them and the DXgov team during this time, during which we had high hopes.


What I think went well

It’s always great to launch a new product and I was part of developing Carrot from the beginning.

The ENS grant. This added a lot of value to the DXdao treasury and put DXdao in a position to help influence ENS.

Also, while we know now it didn’t really work out in the end, there was excitement about AugurDAO and the alignment they saw with DXdao. I feel like DXgov started to come into its own and development of guilds got a boost. I was happy to play a role in facilitating this, though @AugustoL and @ross did the harder work on the product side.

I think it was also a good work period for community engagement. Besides the ENS grant and Augur DAO announcement, I was on three podcasts, and really cool how we ended up finding Wayne through one of them.

And it was a great period for building auditing relationships. I think this is where we got back on track and even in a better position than we have been with our previous auditor.

What I think needs improvement

I think I could have done more to do a better job onboarding with SpaceInch devs.

The Agave campaign launch could have had better communication between teams for which I take some of the responsibility.


Level K has already received the max amount of REP. According to the guidelines for a DXdao worker with expert level experience and a commitment level of 5, total compensation is 0.875 * $16000 = $14000 in stablecoins or ETH and 0.875 * $12000 = $10500 worth of DXD per month.


Thanks for the proof of work and reflections.

What I’m still trying to understand is why over this time period you had no time to work on your September and October worker proposals, which were already several months late. I don’t see any items from this proof of work that would take precedent over completing your late worker proposal.

I think it’s important that contributors understand DXdao’s priorities and in agreement with a previous worker proposal of yours:

“Timely worker proposals are critical for the DAO to operate efficiently and I will make sure to prioritize them going forward, even when things may get busier”


”I don’t see any items from this proof of work that would take precedent over completing your late worker proposal.”

@Powers Seriously? You think filling out forms is more important than getting DXDao SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS? :man_facepalming:

Thank you for your hard work and enviable patience @JohnKelleher

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