Level K Reimbursement for Payment to DXdao MultiSig regarding Augmented Finance

An Augmented Finance Carrot campaign was improperly resolved, resulting in the Carrot collateral being paid out when none should have been: Carrot

To address this, Level K Inc., funded the DXdao multisig with 1600 xDai to help reimburse the Augmented Finance team and cover the losses due to the improper resolution of the Carrot campaign.

Here is the transaction for Level K, Inc. funding the DXdao munltisig: Transaction 0x221c02327c8a9ce262043af3918588850dc83e99bffbce7c84b89c9423344122 - Gnosis Chain Explorer

And here is the transaction for the DXdao multisig refunding Augmented Finance: Transaction 0x938b7f20d88ed4a39136536e50a8f64d601f2fccf757cbdc657f94a20d71edac - Gnosis Chain Explorer

Level K, Inc. will be requesting a reimbursement of 1600 xDai to the same address which funded the DXdao multisig.