Level K Draft Worker Proposal for 5/2021-6/2021 (LATE)

This worker proposal is late by one 2 month cycle. You can see the last payout to Level K drafted here: Level K Draft Worker Payout Proposal for 3/2021-4/2021 My only excuse is that things have been incredibly busy and writing this up has seemed in a constant state of not being quite at the top of the todo list. Happy to take a 5% penalty or whatever the new policy may be on late worker proposals.

Recap of Work

Product and Development

  • Organized weekly dev call.

  • Coordinated second full audit of Swapr Farming contracts, an initial review of the Mesa (now Aqua) smart contracts, and an audit of the Conditional Token KPI contracts

  • Coordinated security monitoring efforts

  • Supported Omen architecture review with Kaden and the rest of Omen Squad, addressing blockers with liquidity mining and the Omen FPMM as well as planning around handling code debt

  • Supported Swapr Farming testing and launch

  • Liaised with Agave about potential collaborations in the use of KPI tokens

  • Technical support of treasury diversification, Swapr liquidity deposits, and DXD buyback

  • Troubleshooting and coordinating response to Subgraph outtages on Alchemy and Swapr

  • Supported coordination with Arbitrum on deployment to their Arbitrum One mainnet Beta

  • Supported onboarding of new devs and establishing engagements with ETHworks, Space Inch, and Hunter Design

Community Building

  • Provide support across squads as well as in public communications channels, especially on high level technical questions

  • Gave a talk at 0xHack

  • Worked with Hats in support of setting up a DXdao-Hats partnership

  • Attended meetings in support of DXdao - Radicle collaboration

  • Helped recruit and onboard @Caden to the marketing squad


  • I feel like I am still spread a bit thin and would like to focus more on strengthening the development and design capacity of the squads. Hoping to gain more confidence in being able to step back from more general support across the board and to be able to focus more on DXdao dev capabilities.

  • DAOs have been getting more discussion in crypto communities and I think I should be stepping up my contributions to bring DXdao into the conversation. Would like to focus more on writing in the future.

  • Need to find more time for documentation. I have fallen a bit behind on this front.


Level K has already received the max amount of REP. According to the guidelines for a DXdao worker with expert level experience and a commitment level of 5, total compensation is $8,000 in stablecoins or ETH and $6,000 worth of DXD per month.

  • 16000 USD to be paid in xDAI (minus any applicable penalty for late subimssion)
  • 12000 USD to be paid in DXD vesting over 24 months with a 12 month cliff, based on the all time high price of DXD at time of vesting/lockup contract creation or at time a proposal passes specifying the claim. The vesting/lockup contract would be created and funded at or after final payment and use 07/01/2021 as the starting date of the vesting.

@JohnKelleher explained all about DXdao to me, including how DXdao was looking to add marketers, and introduced me to the marketing squad. I’d heard of DXdao before we met, but I never would’ve thought that I could contribute here before John took the time to help me!

John is spreading the word about DXdao far and wide, from big-name talks like 0xhack to everyday crypto-related meetups.


I was supportive of this proposal because John contributes value to DXdao and deserves to be rewarded.

However, now that we have some new rules about Governance delays and Governance failures, do we need to revisit this?

I know there is already a live proposal:

Even though John offered to “take a 5% penalty or whatever the new policy may be on late worker proposals,” there were no comments supporting this penalty.

From what I can try to understand, I don’t think people are supportive of pay penalties due to governance related matters.

So then I guess we have some open governance and REP related questions:

  • How do we treat contributors who fail or delay the governance process if they aren’t earning REP?
  • Do we slash REP? If so, how much?
  • Do we slash pay instead of REP?
  • Remember when there was a strong belief that REP had a USD value?
  • How do we treat pay in relation to REP?
  • Should we look backwards? Or implement these new rules going forward?

I am only raising these questions to help continue the discussion of DXdao governance now that we seem to have have some new precedents.

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I think for the new contributor guidelines, some clarity should be added on the consequences for being late with worker proposals. Happy to answer any questions about my proposal here, but I think the best place to work out modifications to the worker guidelines would be on the active thread about the Compensation Structure Overhaul and I think @AugustoL’s recent comment there is relevant to these points.

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