Level K Draft Worker Proposal 09/2020-10/2020


01/09/2020 - 31/10/2020, 2 months.



  • Support organization around and execution of the 5-point plan outlined here: DXdao 5-Point Plan
  • Support github:AugustoL and others with Kovan deployment of DXdao contracts
  • Support github:AugustoL and others with research, development, and auditing of WalletScheme, ERC20Guild and DXDVotingMachine both at smart contract and UI levels
  • Support coordination with DAOstack on governance platform development
  • Support next generation decentralized infrastructure exploration and experimentation, such as with Urbit and Radicle beta trials


  • Help facilitate creation of product roadmaps for Omen, DXswap, and Mesa
  • Help update landing page to include roadmaps, manifesto, and improved information about DXdao in general
  • Time permitting, DXswap code review and/or development

Community Building

  • Support onboarding of technical and non-technical roles
  • Support evolution of worker compensation guidelines


  • Finalize proposal to audit DXswap scheme
  • Prioritize upcoming auditing needs and coordinate audits
  • Continue to be on the look out for potential auditing partners
  • Assess potential auditing partners


LevelK has already received the max amount of REP in past proposals. According to the guidelines for a DXdao worker with expert level experience and a commitment level of 6, total compensation value of ETH + DXD would be $12,000 per month. Because there was some feedback that this is high, LevelK is asking for a lesser rate of $11,000 per month, $7500 in ETH and the rest in vesting DXD.

  • 15000 USD to be paid in ETH. 50% to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on 31/10/2020 when the work agreement finishes.
  • 7000 USD to be paid in DXD vesting over 12 months with a 6 month cliff, based on the buy price on https://dxdao.eth.link/#/exchange at time of vesting/lockup contract creation. The vesting/lockup contract would be created and funded at final payment and use 01/07/2020 as the starting date of the vesting.

xx ETH are sent in this proposal representing 7500 USD at the current coingecko price of xxx USD/ETH

The compensation is adjusted to the expert level and commitment level 6 of the current worker compensation guidelines, but in case of any change in the compensation guidelines during this worker period, the amounts of the compensation in this proposal will be adjusted to match the latest one from the agreed worker compensation guidelines.

Worker Experience

DXdao Experience