Level K Draft Worker Payout Proposal for 3/2021-4/2021


03/01/2021 - 04/30/2021


Recap of Work

Product and Development

  • Organized weekly dev call. In the past couple months we have covered the architecture of Mesa, Omen, and Swapr, as well as the technicals of the GP and Swapr Liquidity relayers.

  • Coordinated audits for Swapr farming updates, DXvote wallet scheme and permission registry, and GP relayer updates, as well as an initial review for Mesa smart contracts

  • Helped get a trial period set up for Kermit who is now working on Omen Guild testing

  • Helped get Blackscale familiarized with existing work for DXD vesting contracts, which he is now reviewing and working on

  • Vetted and helped prepare specifications for new multicall installations

  • Created a guide to help with the creation of Swapr Liquidity Deposit proposals and worked with DXdao contributors to propose several deposits.

  • Worked with Federico in coordinating with Arbitrum and Connext in preparation of upcoming Arbitrum mainnet launch

  • Code review for Swapr smart contracts and dapp; Swapr testing

  • Helped troubleshoot alchemy issues and coordinate maintenance fixes with DAOstack

  • Coordinated with QwellCod and Blockrocket

Community Building

  • Provide technical review and answer technical questions for communications squad

  • Participated in answering questions during the Swapr AMA

  • Active in Discord, Telegram, and Keybase

  • Participated in forum in governance


  • Didn’t make much progress on standardizing and improving developer processes.

  • We have been struggling a bit with developer recruitment and finding external dev shops. I have been able to help a bit here but much more needs to be done.

  • Have helped a bit with Omen Guild but haven’t found enough time for this. Will be more of a priority for me in the upcoming months.

  • Mesa Squad has some developer gaps that need to be filled.

  • Have fallen behind on the forum a bit . . it can be difficult to keep up with the community and still execute on your worker responsibilities.


Level K has already received the max amount of REP. According to the guidelines for a DXdao worker with expert level experience and a commitment level of 5, total compensation is $8,000 in stablecoins or ETH and $6,000 worth of DXD per month.

  • 16000 USD to be paid in xDAI. 50% to be paid once this proposal gets approved and 50% on or after 04/30/21 when the worker period is completed.
  • 12000 USD to be paid in DXD vesting over 24 months with a 12 month cliff, based on the all time high price of DXD at time of vesting/lockup contract creation or at time a proposal passes specifying the claim. The vesting/lockup contract would be created and funded at or after final payment and use 03/01/2021 as the starting date of the vesting.