L2 Trading using Polygon, while using L1 and Augur V2 for resolution

As a temporary/transitional method, where there is suitable interest (perhaps: the French 2022 presidential election) a user could create a market on Augur V2, mint shares, wrap shares, and then bridge them to Polygon for people to trade using a very low fee (using Catnip Exchange (revised for Polygon) or another method).

To resolve the market, this same user (or another) could buy up all the shares and then bridge them back to Augur V2 for resolution.

One of the hardest problems with this idea is figuring out what markets would attract sufficient interest. Ideally you’d have some large bettors who would state interest (and possibly even issue the shares themselves).

What’s the current cost of doing all of these steps on Ethereum, say at 130 GWEI gas?