Keybase Bot Integration with BUIDLHub

BUIDLHub would like to discuss an automation bot integration with the dxDAO Keybase team that serves two purposes:

  • Posts notifications to Keybase when dxDAO related events (new proposals, votes, etc) occur on chain
  • Responds to custom commands (!currentProposals) so community members can quickly query on-chain state

BUIDLHub is going to release a BotBuilder feature on its platform in the next few weeks (for Telegram and Discord). This feature allows anyone to create bots for Telegram groups and Discord servers mostly for responding to custom commands. We currently only support notifications for Discord.

Keybase bot integration is not currently being considered because of its smaller user base. But we understand its value to the dxDAO community.

We would love to discuss this integration further. Let’s start by asking whether this is of interest to the community and then flesh out where it can add the most value (i.e. example commands, etc.).


This is great and I would like to see an integration into the keybase chat. Who would maintain the bot and keep it running? Does the integration has continuous costs?

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Once we create the BUIDLHub integration, we would host the backend of the bot. There will eventually be a pay structure around BUIDLHub-hosted bots but only when they exceed a certain threshold (i.e. certain number of custom commands and interactions). And depending on what we come up with here, we can always grandfather in the dxDAO bot as being perpetually free to the community.


Would be awesome to have this bot on keybase and follow dao events easily.
Giving away some reputation in the dao might also be possible if the team is interested.


It’s a good idea in my opinion. As the perspective is to equip dxDAO’s collective with new members/potentials, this bot could not only raise awareness about new events and remind the people of these appointments but also raise their active participation, especially for newbies :slight_smile:

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