Keep Genesis Accesible and Efficient - MOOC proposal draft

Hi Genesis :four_leaf_clover:

~ Genesis 2019.

As we’re transitioning to Genesis 1.0 soon there are some key issues we can’t avoid anymore and have to solve collectively. Over the past weeks, we’ve seen some highly important discussions arise as a result of an identity proposal.

I believe a big chunk of the discussion around identity is a direct result of the vagueness around REP and the different assumptions of what Genesis is and should be. The general understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) is that REP is a representation of contributions towards the Genesis Alpha’s purpose. In the end, we are a decentralized autonomous organization.

This means that Genesis shared the belief that those who create the most value for Genesis should be Governing it. I believe that if we want to continue to be a Meritocracy, we should be less worried about Identity and more about creating a shared purpose with measurable goals and ensuring that the REP holders are able to vote accordingly.

We need the REPonomics to make sense!

Before introducing a potential solution to (a part) of the REP problem I want to share my latest vision of what a DAO is and how this relates to Genesis 1.0.

A DAO is an open organization that aims to most efficiently achieve a set of purpose-driven goals through the use of independent agents driven by incentive mechanisms.

For example, CuraDAO aims to improve the well-being of people in Curaçao.

Genesis 1.0’s purpose is: To expand the DAO ecosystem through the adoption of DAOstack software and the increasing utility of the GEN token. as described in the Genesis 1.0 | Update

So, following the current approach Genesis 1.0 REP should be allocated to those who contribute to the adoption of DAOstack software and in increasing the utility of the GEN token.

Currently, new members are onboarded through a so-called Reputation Request Proposal. New members ask for some REP and we vote (on the basis of how legit you look online) if we want you as a member or not. This method (surprisingly, not) does not seem to work. Over 30 members with 100 REP have never engaged with Genesis and many more members (maybe half) have not been active within the past months.

Finally, we get to the proposal draft :partying_face:

I believe, that in order to be able to govern something you need to be aware of what it is you are governing and how it relates to its environment. In the case of Genesis, it would be understanding the purpose of Genesis, knowing what the DAOstack is and how it works and having a broader understanding of DAOs and connected topics.

So, I would like to create a Genesis Onboarding MOOC that takes viewers onto a life-changing journey into the world of DAOs. The MOOC will include videos, reading, tests, and assignments and will turn complete newbie’s into passionate pollinators that understand what they are part of and how to contribute (or not) to Genesis.

Before creating a (draft) proposal I would like to gather some feedback on the idea of having an onboarding/Genesis MOOC and engage pollinators who are interested in contributing towards this idea.

There are 2 different approaches I have in mind - PLEASE let me know which you think is best!

Approach 1 - DAO’s first: Create a flexible and neutral high-quality MOOC about DAOs. This MOOC will be funded and developed in cooperation with various other DAOs and Organizations. On top of this MOOC, we would build a specific Module about DAOstack/Genesis.

Approach 2 - GEN first: Create a Genesis (DAOstack) specific MOOC to be integrated into the Genesis Onboarding. This MOOC would be more focussed around DAOstack and the majority of the content will be provided by individuals from the DAOstack ecosystem.

After completing the DAOstack/Genesis module you will receive a certificate and an x amount of REP.

To me having a MOOC like this seems to have a lot of positive benefits.

  • We promote DAOs :smile:
  • We promote DAOstack big time :grin:
  • We keep Genesis accessible :hugs:
  • We ensure all members have a similar onboarding journey and understanding of Genesis :muscle:
  • We create a strong narrative for Genesis :raised_hands:
    and many more.

Hopefully, this post sparks some interest. I hope to create the first draft proposal in the coming week :slight_smile: